Eclipse Co-Star: Robert Pattinson is Like a Prisoner

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Robert Pattinson might play a vampire on the big screen, but a new co-star of his says the actor is more like a prisoner.

Asked about the Twilight Saga hunk, British stud muffin Jack Huston - who plays Royce King II in Eclipse - says Pattinson never really leaves his Vancouver hotel room, lest he open himself up to crazed fans and photographers.

“I don’t think he gets to hang out with many people because he’s sort of jailed to his room,” said Huston. “He can’t leave without being follow by a hundred people."

Fortunately, Kristen Stewart can come to Robert; and that's really all he seems to need these days.

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Robert Pattinson is like a prisoner, a co-star says. A well-paid, handsome, talented, beloved prisoner, that is!

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Poor guy those stalker fans need to leave the poor guy alone. Stop following him people it's just pathetic, honestly


of coz i understand paparazzi have to eat like the regular human, but still, i rather die than to do such an inhuman thing. it really hurts to be called names at. i just hope that they would back off. c'mon, if they are that great at journalism, why don't they start writing books and aspire to be as great as stephanie meyer? Both rob and princess diana are great, but just because you are someone famous doesn't mean that you have to endure this. They can't even get to the hitting part because it will be all over the papers. What are they trying to do? Make you resilient? Really heartless, i would say.


those paparazzis are insane about money, i tell you. i call that desperate. it's pathetic that they value money so much to throw away a human conscience as if to start screaming crap just hoping for rob to punch the crap outta him. How desperate. why don't they get a life, those idiots?


So sad really. I wish the stalkers would stay home and just cyber stalk like me!! It's cheaper anyway. But I saw a piece of a news clipping and it wasn't really the fans that were disturbing it was the paparazzi. They were ruthless and it was shocking to hear them yelling obscene comments at him trying to provoke a response. I think they are the root of the problem. They used to do that to Princess Di to. They don't care what they say they just want a response they can write about or photograph. So sad.


i understand the obsession but the ladies need to relax a bit


i wish all the crazy girls would leave him alone so he would come out of his hole more often i miss his face


It's so unfair to him. Even though he's gorgeous and famous and rich, he got the raw deal. He can't even leave his hotel room to go grab a coffee. If he DOESNT get at least a little weird from all of this, then he's got one hell of a counselor.


I think that he is a very good actor. Hope he doesn't get caught up in all the drama.....




i love him, but agree with above comment
quite sad really :(