Regina Lasko and David Letterman: Married!

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David Letterman and longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko have gotten hitched.

The host of The Late Show with David Letterman and Lasko tied the knot Thursday evening, according to Us Weekly, after more than 10 years of dating.

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The two met mover a decade ago when Lasko worked for him on his show, and Regina is the mother of his son, Harry, who was born in November 2003.

David Letterman, Regina Lasko and adorable son Harry.

In 2007, David Letterman told Oprah Winfrey that his son Harry has made a "huge difference" in his life - but doesn't always get his sense of humor.

Said Dave, "Mommy has to tell him a lot that I'm just teasing."

Prior to marrying Regina Lasko, Letterman was previously married for seven years to his college sweetheart, Michelle Cook. Congrats to the couple!

UPDATE: Regina Lasko found herself back in the news in September 2009 after Letterman's affairs with members of his staff became public knowledge.

Dave had been with Regina Lasko for 20 years, but apparently carried on at least one serious relationship with a Late Show staffer. He said as much.

The woman, Stephanie Birkitt, later dated Robert Halderman, who is accused of trying to blackmail Letterman for $2 million to keep quiet about it.


yea dont know what it is about these guys can find some homley ones


Sure, let's focus on Regina's looks and forget all about Letterman's issue. Look at Letterman, how put together and elegant he looks most of the time - and let's forget about what a scumbag he is when it comes to relationships. Idiots you are who judge the woman in the picture because of her looks.


David Letterman is an immoral jerk; who doesn't deserve his wife and family. His new wife was with him for twenty years and a beautiful child. What does he do? Betray her, with some gold digging staffer who is trying to get the life his wife has. Shame on you David. I'm glad that girl took a "leave of absence", her gold digging backfired.


She needs a Makeover!! You can't be married to a celebrity and look like a tired old rag!!


Since Dave wants to workj on making amends with his wife, why not start with wearing a wedding ring and show her and the world he is proud of his marriage


Here is a tip of life ,share........Beauty is within if you don't have it you don't have it n that's the bottom line.Did you ever come across a stunning woman or a really handsome man but once they open their mouth they disappointed you, well that's it they lack inner beauty.As the years pass you learn what is important.


Ok, she is butt ugly but I am sure she is a good Mom and probably a good wife. You would think she would at least look more presentable though, her clothes look like they just hang on her and she does not look like she has combed her hair in a month. I do wish them the best though, especially for the child's sake.


Letterman is fabulously wealthy with hordes of women from which he could choose, but he's been with Ms. Cook for many years and married her after those many years. So apparently, there are men out there happy to be with a "plain Jane" instead of a supermodel.


come on people, what do you expect from celebrity followers. To follow the life of celebrities would have to be the most shallow and passive hobby ever. But ACISME is right who care what she looks like!! Looks are fleeting......


No wonder he's jealous of Sarah Palin.

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