Coming to VH1: For the Love of Ray J 2!

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It's hard to believe that just a few short years ago, before she was a household name, Kim Kardashian was just some rich girl getting tapped by Ray J.

Somehow, their sex tape catapulted Kim to stardom, while the R&B singer and sometime actor / rapper has mostly faded into the background. Mostly.

Ray J is back for another year of his self-titled reality dating show, For the Love of Ray J. Last season, Cocktail won Ray J’s heart. Then they broke up.

But why should that halt Ray's quest girl of his dreams? Just because things didn’t work out with Cocktail doesn’t mean it wasn't a blast for the man.

Come Monday, November 2, 19 classy women will be competing for the love and affections of William Raymond Norwood, Jr., a.k.a. Ray-to-the-J ...

For the Love of Ray J 2 Cast

Like last season, Ray J has nicknamed his potential playthings.

The finest girls from around the country have been summoned to his sex pad mansion in the Hollywood Hills and will be put through challenges, dates and eliminations to discover the ladies that are smart, funny and hot enough to survive the cut.

This is television at its finest. ABC should just sign Ray J as The Bachelor.

Here's a look at some of the aspiring women competing For the Love of Ray J 2. Our money's on Fettucini or Popper. But watch out for Heartbreaker ...


How can I?


And the winner goes to mzladytee i am aleo ray would have pic me it would have been can hard to pick beteween me and mzberry were both are alike and im total feeling ray plus iam black afro american itialian indian and mexican so smart and out going and i am not for the moneyim just for him and him only


you are really hott love leah :^)


I think Mz Berry is too much woman for Ray


Never say never, anything can happen. Never judge because you never know when you may walk in someone else's shoes. Good choice Ray J! Mz Berry is stunning, classey and has good positive energy. Platnum was not for you. And for the record. After having a wonderful night with Mz Berry you did act like a fool. You acted as though she wasen't even there. Granted you had to share your time to make a decision, but not even a glance. I would be upset too, and I'm not the jeolous type. With no disrespect I never heard of you til the show and at first thought it was ridiculous but you grew on me, and I can see how Mz Berry developed such strong feeling about you. (and I wasen't even on the show). Love is a gift and it happens when you least expect it. Great choice and I am happy you did what was in your heart!!!! You make a GREAT couple!




I'm really excited for the second season of "For the Love of Ray Jay!!!" I ALSO cant wait for I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY 2 to start! I think it premiers THIS coming up MONDAY!!!!


There will never be loved found on tv. One of the girls was on the 50 cent video and she screws for a buck. Ray is going to be another notch under her belt for stardom. All of these women are trying the be the next superhead


or pretty much any VH1 "love" show


this is so sad. i'd be embarrassed to be a contestant on that show

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