Chris Brown Pines For Rihanna on Twitter, YouTube

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Chris Brown is gettin' all introspective and emotional these days.

There's little doubt who the troubled star was referring to when he took to his Twitter page to virtually reflect on and yearn for "The Way We Used to Be."

He linked to a fan-made YouTube video montage, set to the tune of R. Kelly's "The Way We Used to Be," showing footage of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Back before he destroyed their love and her cheekbones, that is.

"IM SORRY YALL. JUST HAD TO POST IT," he wrote with the link.


In other news, Chris' Twitter name is MechanicalDummy.

It was a pretty blatant appeal to the ex-girlfriend he's not allowed within 100 yards of. But Brown, who released his new single last week, wasn't done there.

A few minutes after posting the video, the singer Twittered the following message of inspiration to all you love-struck guys out there: "FOR THE FELLAS: showing emotion doesn't make u weak... BEING HONEST MAKES U STRONG."

That may be. But a YouTube video set to a song by a guy best known for urinating on girls and child porn charges may not be the best way of showing it.

Here's a look at the way Chris Brown and Rihanna used to be ...


RiRi was really a proud gal coz u can see the pics the way christoper looked at her with all the pasiôn. Second chances a ever great and that may be chris can work out his mistakes.


Yu kno Wat I dnt lke Rihanna anyways an Chris brown is stupid becuz he hve nvr went out wit hr anyways but I Love Chris brown


Y'all need too shut the fuck up they celebritys they ain't thinking about you bitchezzz and I don't give a fuck about them at all what so ever chicago bitch what that do deucessss


u kn people made mistake and we all deserve a second chance in life my heart goes out fa chris and rihanna two young people who clearly loved each other make the wourld pull them a part they will never be happy till the finalaly decide to maake the great step and kiss and make come what may they kn there heart pain at nite when the easiest thing to do seeem heardes than it is


I feel really sorry for the both of them. It's obvious what they has was real. It's just really sad the way it ended. For all you people talking about you have no respect for chris breezsy this is all i have to say. Nobody but chris and rihanna know what really h append that night. You don't know who started what or who hit who first. So unless you were in the car and know exactly what happened STFU!!!!... I hope he learned his lesson and I hope they can at least get to the point where they can be friends. Cause first loves never die!!!!


we all make mistakes at some time in our life is what we learn from it that counts.


Give it up already Chris, you were an idiot and did things that were unforgivable


Chris isn't a MECHANICAL DUMMY, I don't even know why he posted that about himself. No one really knows the full story on what happened between him and Rihanna. Also most of the time a man won't react unless a woman pulls the first lick. But, I don't blame him or her because I don't even know what happened. But, no matter what happens, when it is all said and done Chris and Rihanna will probably go there own separate ways and move on. I think it's better for the both of them. Im gonna always be a really huge fan of Chris Brown anyway. Although I don't really know Chris Brown and Im not a close friend or relative, I do know that he didn't mean what he did and he'll never beat a woman, he's to sweet and a wonderful person who wouldn't want to be with him.


i don't know but if you take brown out of the title its chris pine. yummm chris pineee


he made terrible choices, was young and did not seek the help he needed before this whole thing came out...not pitiful at all~~~I have a 35 year old son and he was taught it was ok to show emotions, cry if needed~~~that makes him no less a man~~~I wish this kid had some support, sought help and be allowed to have a 2nd chance with his career~~

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