Chris Brown's New Single: Love it or Shove it?

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Just two days after Rihanna's new single dropped chronic one-upper, her former boyfriend and beater Chris Brown has released a new song of his very own.

The track is, if nothing else, a moving and passionate effort.

One need not dig deeply for metaphors and double entendres to find likely Rihanna references in Brown's "Crawl," a slow jam laden with sorrow and hope.

"Everybody says we're through / I hope you haven't said it too," Brown sings in the new track. "So where do we go from here with all this fear in our eyes?"

How about the side of I-95. Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway.

Take a listen and tell us what you think by voting below:

What do you think of Chris Brown's new song "Crawl"?


Shove it, don't like him


i lovee it :):) cnt get the song out of my head, nd miss "lemonlimes" get a life if thats wat u hear then u hve problems :) get ova it already :)
cnt wait 4 the album to be released :) mwahh xoxo ly c.b


He should pay major fines to go into the General Fund for Virginia or to shelters for women & children, not run around town giving concerts! I even saw him at my fitness center. He hardly shows any humility for injuring Rihanna and becoming a felon! C'mon, Chris, share the wealth and take a stand against domestic violence!!


U smell like a h8er to me.


Hmm what? All I could hear was "I beat the crap out of a woman and got off easy"


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