Zachory Loring: Restrained from Stalking Audrina Patridge

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We hope Zachory Loring tuned in to the season premiere of The Hills this week.

Because that's as close as this nut job will ever get to Audrina Patridge.

Following his September 16 arrest on charges of vandalism and disturbing the peace, Loring - who sent Patridge creepy photos and poems - has been barred from contacting the reality star for three years.

Yes, Audrina Patridge can be sort of cute. But that's no excuse for stalking her!

The judge in the case just said the evidence was "quite disturbing" and added: "It's unfortunate that people who pursue careers in the public have to deal with these people."

In August, Mark McLeod was arrested for a similar crime. He continued to follow Miley Cyrus around, stating he was her number-one fan and soulmate.

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11.17.11 at 3:05 pmJack BurtonWhat a cniicodence. I did not watch Rush Hour 3 for religious reasons . I'd like to keep believing in God. Sitting through Brett Ratner movies does not help with that.


stalkers are good rating why convict them?


I don't feel ANY sympathy for Audrina Partridge. We all know that she would never date or fall in love with a garbage man, janitor, mailman, or a guy who works in a supermarket. She is nothing but a superficial, Hollywood. . .


people need to get lives and stop watching the hills all the time


her eyes creep me out


Wow, that's a creepy pic of her. hahah. She looks kinda evil. HAHA.


the dude must really have no life


why would anyone want to stalk her


She is sweet


she is so pretty ! :O:)