Sophie Monk Presents: The Ultimate Nipple Slip!

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When you place duct tape over your bare breast, you're likely to expose part of your nipple. Lady GaGa learned this the hard way.

Similarly, when you pull down the straps of your bathing suit, your nipples will often be on full display for the camera. Sophie Monk learned this lesson over the weekend.

The singer/actress and former fiancee of Benji Madden was drawing attention to herself by donning an unusual, revealing bathing suit. Take a look at the beauty below, pre-breast exposure:

Weird Bathing Suit

After squating in a position she knows very well, Monk got off her knees and casually showed the world her nipples. There's really no other way to explain it. See for yourself:

Does it count as a wardrobe malfunction when you're the cause of it?


I don't know what pic your looking at but the one I see has no nipple showing. PS I designed that suit 50 years ago


she just wanted her picture everywhere and it worked


who is this chick eww


Just don't like that bathing suit.


Lovely pink areolae capped by pert, perky pokies. Yummy!!!


she is hot!!! love those!

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Weird Bathing Suit Sophie Monk is an Australian singer and occasional actress. She's guest starred on Entourage and hates meat enough that she'll pose naked... More »
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