Tila Tequila Just Wants Attention ... Oh Yeah, and to "Escape the Nightmare"

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Tila Tequila is an attention whore of the worst kind.

Which is normally all good. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag know what they are and have no qualms about milking every ounce of PR they possibly can.

Trying to cash in and plug "future projects" (whatever the hell those are) by calling attention to a violent assault you claim to have suffered is low, though.

Even for a woman who calls herself Tila Tequila.

A week after she says she was assaulted by Shawne Merriman, her NFL star boyfriend, Tila has reached out to her fans with a voicemail message.

Rather than laying low and letting this die down, her plea for this "nightmare" to go away is really just a ploy to get more attention and publicity.

A Tila Pic

Feel sorry for me! Pay attention to me! [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

“I’m just trying to get away from this horrible nightmare,” she says, adding that she just wants to move on, which is totally untrue, as this has her back in the news. “Everything’s gonna be alright. I’m just trying to look forward now.”

If that were true, why post this voicemail?

After lying about wanting to focus on something else (as she herself brings the incident up again), Tila encourages fans to give her a call at 860-256-8452.

We just hope her password is 1234 like Lindsay Lohan's voicemail.

Here's Tila's shameless ploy for attention message to her "fans" ...


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