Mickey Rourke: Dating Cheyenne Tozzi, Giving Props to Fat Models

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Fashion Week is all about making a splash, and not just with clothing.

Mickey Rourke and Cheyenne Tozzi, his new, 20-year-old model girlfriend, made their public debut for all the world to see at Max Azria's show.

She was skinny and gorgeous and the 57-year-old couldn't keep his hands off her once she joined him in the front row. That's kind of a gross.

Not quite as gross, though, as the fact that Cheyenne Tozzi, an Australian model, used to date none other than Brandon Davis back in the day.

Yes, Mickey Rourke is hitting it with Greasy seconds.

Mickey Rourke is an oddball, but he's got himself a 20-year-old model girlfriend. One can question what Cheyenne Tozzi is thinking, but not that Mick is the man.

At least The Wrestler star has no qualms about admitting he's a dirty old guy, telling E! News he was there "for the models more than the clothes."

Asked how he prefers his women these days, he said "Fat." Somewhere, Jessica Simpson is shuddering. And not because that coyote ate her dog.

As for blondes or brunettes? "Depends on what I'm drinking."

Gotta love Mickey Rourke.


Lets hearit for the plus sized models! Older men appreeciate a gal who can keep him warm at night. While yre at it give an appreciative shout out to plus sized bra models it takes a quality bra to support those naturaly DD tatas & we appreciate it.!


I dont get it, shes to short to model adn isnt really model material, she could do some catalouges and swim wear i guess. And shes not rich enough to be a socialite, so what exactly does she do?


HAHAHAHA WE dONT want her either!!!!!!! shes not going to ever be anything here in america so she'lll prob move back there sorry sux for all of u i dont even know her but i see that on her forehead...u see it? it says, WANNA BE


Are you serious? This fame-desperate skank has been trying to ride the coattails of famous people since the days her mum used to give 'favours' to get her daughters modelling gigs when they were younger. Zero talent and is unknown to most but despised by the rest in her own city of Sydney. Please keep her America, we do not want her back.


this is just all a bunch of utter bullshit
theyre not dating at all theyre very good friends but shes not seeing anyone


GROSS!!!! Is she insanely desperate? Remember how Rachel Evan Wood could not distance herself further from him...and i thought she was pathetic.

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