Macaulay Culkin: Not the Father of Blanket

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The kid is not his son.

No, really, this time there's been an actual denial, and an emphatic one.

Of all the people rumored to be Michael Jackson's kids' real parents (Dr. Arnold Klein, Mark Lester, Pia Bhatti) or rumored to be Michael's kids themselves (Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, Omer Bhatti), none have denied it.

Until now. We can count Macaulay Culkin out of the paternity lottery.

The 29-year-old actor's press agent claims the actor is not the biological father of Michael Jackson's son Blanket, which a UK tabloid reported on Monday.

SHOCKER: Prince Michael Jackson II was not born of Macaulay Culkin's DNA.

The story said Culkin donated sperm to create Blanket. Since several other Jackson friends actually did donate sperm, it's not as far-flung as you think.

Still, Culkin's rep, Michelle Bega, has issued the following statement:

"The inquiries are too preposterous for us to even acknowledge."

We'll take that as a no. Sorry to burst your bubble, Blanket.


So far.. So impossible..
Blanket's eyes cant lie that he is Michael's biological son..
This is ridiculous information.


Okay, Macauley looks about as much as Blanket as I do. And I bear no resemblence to the boy. However, Michael does. Look at a picture of Michael in the Jackson 5 and you'll see a strong resemblence to both Prince and Blanket. And even little Paris, who more closely resembles Debbie Rowe; when I look, I see some of Michael. Especially around the eyes. And kinda the shape of the face too. But remember, these kids have *two* biological parents. Thus they get *two* sets of genetics. They could look just like Michael [as the boys do], just like their respective mothers (Debbie for Prince and Paris, unknown lady for Blanket), or they could look like any combination of the two [as Paris does]. These people who spread these lies about being the father of the children (yes, I'm talkin' to you, Mark Lester!) are, in my opinion, just jealous that Michael could get more than they can.


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There is absolutely no proof - NONE - that friends of Michael Jackson's donated sperm. Mark Lester is the liar that got that story going, because somehow he thinks it will help him get his hands on some of the Jackson fortune. Michael Jackson was a conservative fastidious person who would probably be repulsed by even talking about another man's sperm. And it's not like you can store it in your home freezer. Use your brain, please. These sperm stories are lies.

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