Lady Gaga, Naked (Again), Shows Off V

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Here's a shocker for you. Stop the presses.

The new issue of V Magazine contains pictures of Lady Gaga naked, or at least not clothed. It's a gray area, and not just because it's black and white.

Whether you want to call them Lady Gaga nude photos or not, the images below leave little to the imagination ... except for what that is on her head:

Lady Gaga Naked Pic
Lady Gaga Nude Pic

Lady Gaga: Naked, for the most part, and resembling a smoking rabbit.

In two separate covers of the magazine, the possible hermaphrodite dons plastic pink and blue peel off shades. We can't decide which we like more.

In other photos, she poses in a blue Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere dress and Acne shoes. Truly, she is reinventing celebrity fashion as we speak.

Click to enlarge more Lady Gaga pictures from V Magazine ...

Lady Gaga V Cover (II)
Lady Gaga Nipple Slip
Lady GaGa Naked
Lady Gaga V Cover

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she is too sexy i like to see she nude


Lady Gaga is a beautiful WOMAN. None of the pictures with a dick shows her face.


I think that she is a man, or was


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Respect! absolutely beautiful, go girl


i think she praticaly fine because she could be a hermaphrodite or not cause no one will really kbow for sure im 13 so what will i know!


I think lady gaga is beautiful wish she was all mine i dont care about the rumors shes still beautiful


lady gaga is sexy and i like sexy its hot i wish she would put sexy videos and pichures of her all the way naked that would be totally sexy and Awesome

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