Kate Gosselin Defends Serena Williams Outburst, Whines About Working For a Living

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Reverse-mulleted Kate Gosselin began her first of two guest hosting gigs on The View today, and she didn't hold back when it came to ... well, anything.

First off, Kate defended Serena Williams' outburst in the U.S. Open semifinals Saturday night, in which she profanely threatened some poor line judge.

Serena did, that is, not Kate. Though that wouldn't shock us. Nag.

"The important thing here is that she's in the public eye," Kate said. "We're all human. In the privacy of my own home, this weekend, I melted down."

Asked what it's like to see estranged husband Jon bringing new girlfrien, Hailey Glassman around her eight kids, she said, "It's difficult, I'm not going to lie."

"For the sake of my children, I'm going to take the high road."

So why does Kate Gosselin keep on filming her TLC show?

"So many people say, 'Stop ... just pull out,'" she said. "I can stop, but I'd still have all the flack and the paychecks, I have to support my children."

"I’m a single mom, and now more than ever I need to be working hard to support my children. It comes with a price; Every job comes with a price."

"My focus is supporting my family and children and whatever way that comes, in a healthy way, I’m gonna do it. I'm essentially doing it by myself."

Ouch, Jon. That one burns worse than that rash Deanna ... forget it.

When Whoopi Goldberg asked if she's paid enough, she replied, "Um, is anybody paid enough?" Waah. Crazy, impoverished lady should totally start her own charity. Or we'll be seeing Kate Gosselin nude in Playboy soon.

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i love you so muchi sarena


i love you so muchi arena


i love so muchi sarena


Kate says she will do what it takes to support her family. Does that include "whoring" out her children on national television for money. Does that include telling the world what a horrible father these children have? She doesn't care about her children, she cares about herself and the money. These children will grow up and see what truly horrible parents they have, that their childhood and family problems were sold to the media so Mom could pocket the money. TRULY TRAGIC - I WILL NOT WATCH THIS TRASH -


Jon's a douche.
I love Kate and think she does an amazing job raising 8 children.
If you had 8 kids do you really think you could be careless and messy?
You apparently have never been around children.
Raising a child takes order and stability.
So she got a million dollar home, Jon and Kate both purchased that house for the children, together.
They got famous from TLC, who fucking cares?
Miley Cyrus is famous because of her Father, Paris Hilton is famous for who her parents are, same with Nicole Ritchie, people have to make a living.
Who cares how, people will do anything to support their children, well any decent parent.


oh my god your kids are beauitful maddy and cara are hudge.leah hannah and alexis are so cute i just wish that the john thing never happened.collon aaden and jole and going to be very handsome when they start high school.did i ever say i love your hair.that is a nice color on you give those kids of yours lots of love they are gonna need it. P.S:TELL THE KIDS I SAID HI. KINDEST REGAURDS,BluAngel Gonzalez


who the heck cares that you melted down. in your 1 million dollar home. Guess what, money does NOT buy happiness!




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