Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman: Making Out!

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Just in case you thought Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman were broken up, a myth he dispelled in an interview, the photos below should set the record straight.

Nauseatingly straight.

Acting like two teenagers in love (she's not too far removed), Jon and his girlfriend, who have been together a few months now, made out for the cameras.

The passionate embrace took place during Hailey's first trip to Pennsylvania this week. Yeah. His kids' therapy bills are going to be REALLY high in a few years ...

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Pic

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman make out by the lake.

In his interview with Primetime and Good Morning America this week, Jon said Hailey is his soul mate, a girl he loves more than he ever did wife Kate.

Those are harsh words for the mother of his eight children, but there's no denying he's into her. Whether it's just because he's free of the ball and chain and being treated like a human being for the first time in 10 years remains to be seen.

Hailey's visiting Jon's native Pennsylvania this week, and Radar Online was lucky (unlucky?) enough to capture photos of this special romantic moment.

There's no way this is going to end well, and Kate is going to be beyond pissed, but for now, this budding romance continues to flourish. Very publicly.

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Jon Gets Pumped
Make-Out Session
Kissing Hailey
Jon and Hailey Picture
Hailey Kissing Jon
Jon Gosselin PDA
Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin Picture
The Mack Daddy

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Puke! You have to be some kind of major loser to be locked-lipped with Jon Gosselin. Epic Fail!


hi i think jon should stop gonnin girl to girl so is he really with hailey or is he with hes new girlfriend


Everyone keeps saying Kate is a nagging control freak but how many of us have to take care of eight kids and a child like husband by our selfs? Not too many of us! Kate dont listen to what other people say about your parenting! The only people whose opinion matter are your childrens and when they get older they will look back at a mom who wanted to buy them the world and a dad who wanted to buy himself cars, women, ect. Jon cares nothing about his kids! He wasnt just tired of having to be with one woman he was tired of having to be a dad all the time! He didnt just leave Kate to be with Hailey! He choose her over his kids too!


I used to admire Jon! He seemed to be such a sweet loving man...Ha Now I see his true colors! A selfish little hornball! How will he ever be able to walk his daughters down the aisle and assure them that marriage is worth it? Appearantly the message he is setting for his kids is if you get bored with one relationship hop to the next one! He left his beautiful wife for some ugly 22 year old who looks older than Jon himself! Shell be leaving Jon soon when she realizes she wants a man with a job, future, and can give her her own kids! Not to mention one who is trustworthy and faithful (NOT JON!!!)


I'd much rather watch the dad who hugged his daughter when she threw the foul ball back. That's a dad who loves his kid!


He's an ass, with a capital L. Here he is after 8 kids whining about how young he was then they were born; in essence poor, poor Jon for not having a chance to sow his wild oats. Well, he's doing so now and looking like a total and utter jackass in the process. No sympathy here and no desire to watch the show when he's on. I think for all the criticism Kate takes, her controlling nature was absolutely necessary to get through day to day with 8 little kids. I'm sorry, make that 9. Kate would have been better off with an anonymous IVF donor. So would the kids.


Real woman don't treat their husbands like garbage. Doesn't Kate realize how that affects their children. Oh I forgot, Kate's horrible behavior could never affect the children, even if they lived in her abuse for years, and Jon is a worthless dog for not loving her abuse, get real people. You wouldn't take it, and neither should Jon.


I'd rather not see Jon on the show. Kate plus 8 would be good. I think the only reason Jon is on the show is to promote his stupid clothing line and his relationship with his girlfriend. Hailey has no class. Hopefully no one will buy his clothes. Real men don't treat their almost ex-wives the way he has. Doesn't he realize that his kids will grow up and see how he has treated Kate and hear what he has said about her? If he truly loves his kids and he was a real man he'd keep his mouth shut and his new love life private. He and Hailey are a joke. Soulmates? Oh please!


For all those people who are oh so worried about Jon kissing a girlfriend (even though the kids somehow survived mom banging the bodyguard), I got news for you, those kids are already greatly messed up. They lived for years with an abusive mother who spent all waking hours abusing and belittling their father and being unloving and harsh with her kids, not to mention exploiting them. Don't take my word for it, just watch any one of their shows. You don't think that is bad for them and messes them up? You bet it does!
Hurray for Jon that maybe he has finally found someone who really cares about him, I hope he has. He deserves it after living all those years with that shrew. Good luck with your Gosselin Gear.



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