Fashion Face-Off: Paris Hilton vs. Rachel Bilson

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This is sad.

Paris Hilton, one of the first people to realize that today's celebrity gossip culture doesn't require actual talent from its stars in order to prop them on a pedestal, has lost it. She can only make headlines for one reason and one reason alone:

Wearing the same outfit as someone else.

Earlier this week, she battled Daphne Zuniga in a fashion face-off. Prior to that matchup, she took on Erin Lucas and Demi Lovato, all in the span of a few weeks.

Today, Hilton dusts off a new dress and steps into the ring with former OC star Rachel Bilson. Compare the looks below, vote in our poll and pity poor, poor Paris...

Paris vs. Rachel

Who looks better in this dress?


Okay... where do I start... Paris:
-She has the legs of a 50 year old. Wearing heels that show the disgusting veins in her feet make me sick.
-The bag is too dark. An airy, positive dress like that needs a white bag.
-She is a streak of nothing. Dresses like that need curves.
-Silver heels?? What was she thinking?!
-I can see her dark roots. They look terrible.
-I swear she has a lazy eye!
-She has Doug Reinheart. Who would want that thing??! Rachel:
-Good figure. Goes with the dress.
-Love the dog! Adorable breed.
-Purse isn't exactly my choice but I like the style. It's a little too formal for the dress though.
-Skin goes better with the dress. Better complexion than Paris for sure!
-Cute sandals. Goes well with the casual outfit.
-Not posing for paparazzi and actually trying to live. Decency.
-She has Hayden Christensen. Who doesn't want him?? And I think that's it. Except that headbands do NOT suit Paris. Pretty clear Rachel wore it far better.


Paris doesn't accessorize well. Her shoes and bags often don't complement her dress. Anybody can buy an expensive dress, but you also need a good eye for completing the look. She "misses" a lot.

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