Travis Barker: Almost Arrested, Refers to Shanna Moakler as "Piece of Sh*t"

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Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have fallen off the peaceful bandwagon.

The contentious couple had gone all summer without going off on one another in public. But, like any good bender, Barker has now broken that truce in a extreme fashion.

Last night, as he dropped off son Landon and daughter Alabama at Moakler's home in Rhode Island, the Blink 182 demanded that his nanny remain with the children. Moakler refused the request.

Barker flipped out, began to scream, and police were called to the scene.

A Decent Dad
Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Picture

The many sides of Travis Barker: doting father, occasionally nice boyfriend. Not pictured: insane ex-husband. [Photos:]

"When Travis refused to go, Shanna called the police," an anonymous source told Life & Style. "They gave Travis a choice: Leave or get arrested. So he left. But he wasn't happy. He's already Twittered about Shanna."

He sure did! Here's what Barker wrote about his ex-wife:

My babies [sic] mama is a pile of sh*t.

Snaps. Yo. Expect Moakler to respond on MySpace in 3... 2... 1...


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These two need to get together and stay that way. Travis needs to quite going off. How much crap from Trav does Shanna have to take. He goes off on every little thing. Maybe he is doing drugs like DJ AM. Chill out Trav. Look at what is really important in life.


Shanna, you are a sorry piece of crap. Those poor children, having a f*cked up Mother like you, go back to Playboy, hump all the men & women you want, let Travis have the kids and go away. We don't care about you or what you think.

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