Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kristen Stewart vs. Selena Gomez

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Kristen Stewart appeared to have a message on the Teen Choice Awards' red carpet last night: hands off!!!

The Twilight Saga star wore a dress with spikes - yes, actual spikes - as she posed for photographs. Was she sending everyone a message? I'm the property of Robert Pattinson. Stay away!

You can decide for yourself.

You can also compare Stewart's outfit with that of Selena Gomez below.

The young stars actually have more in common than just a legion of fans: Kristen co-stars in the Twlight franchise with Taylor Lautner, while Gomez has been romantically linked to the handsome hunk.

But which looked better at last night's event? You tell us!

Spiky Stewart

Which actress looks prettier?


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Selena of corse is more pretty!


ofcourse man kristn is the pritiest teen ever n salena oh my god i hateeee her yukkkkhhhhh


selena all the way!! she looks great..she is so sophisticated and elegant.


Selena wins HANDS DOWN
her outift is sophisticated and beautiful! Kristen looks scary.... very much as if she were a vampire :)
she should tan and think of buying non-spikey clothing :)


kristens hair is just horrible the long wavy brown hair was much better and selenas hair doesnt look nice tied up in a bun it looks much better long black and straight!


Ok, I think they both look amazing in their own style. and another thing Kristen Stewars hair is like that for her new movie the runaways


'Kristen has flawless skin' oh pleease! She looks like crap. I can't believe with all the money she is now earning, she can't be bothered to hire a stylist.


I hate kristens haircut, the way she had it before was much better. I loved that black long hair, this makes she look like something left over from the 90's


The one on the right looks fine. The one of the left should try to decide whether she's going for the biker chick look or the fashionista look --- mixing the two is not pretty. This isn't about how old somebody is or their personal style. It's about the total picture, and the total picture on the left leaves something to be desired.


i found where you can get selena's earrings - melindamaria.com! they're the large silver mesh hoops

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