Protesters: Adam Lambert is a "Rebel Against God"

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It's both incomprehensible and incredibly depressing that people like this exist.

But at last night's American Idol concert in Kansas City, awful, close-minded members of the Westboro Baptist Church stood outside and protested the mere existence of Adam Lambert.

They held signs that read "God Hates Fags" and, as heard on the video below, one of them referred to Lambert and other homosexuals as a "bunch of rebels against God... they're teaching rebellion against the standards and commandments of God."

Such ignorant, hateful morons make Jon Voight look sane and reasonable.

Rising above it all, Lambert Tweeted after the show:

Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)

This is the second time this summer that a Church has sponsored this sort of protest. Other gay-haters picketed a concert in San Jose in July.

It's interesting to note how Lambert has handled these incidents of pure vitriol, compared to how the Carrie Prejean has handled her scandal-filled spotlight. Who do you think is a better Christian role model?


First off, homosexuality is not okay and as history as shown us time and again, nations that support sin such as homosexuality will fall.
America is on a downward spiral because of the immense amount of liberalism surfacing around the country.
If people choose to ignore that fact - they are simply being ignorant as were those of the nations that fell before us.
America has fallen so far off the straight path it is depressing.
Is this the correct way to handle the situation? Probably not, but tolerating it isn't either.
Natural disasters take place and good people die and people blame God. When America falls, people will blame God. But why? Homosexuality as well as all continual sin is complete disobedience. Homosexuals are not the only people guilty of continual sin either; we all are.
I simply am against tolerating sin as long as it's okay with 'man's law' when it is quite evident it is breaking God's law.


Doug: People have opinions. But Adam is a person and his sexuality should be of no interest to them. That does not concern what he was at Kansas City for. By the way, I went to this concert in Kansas City and I saw the protesters and it was sick. I asked my dad what they were doing, and he said "I think it's because of Adam. That's horrible". Well, I don't think this behavior is acceptable. Also, tons of kids were walking around there loving Adam, not giving a flying hoot about the fact he's gay (so what?!?!) and going there for his singing, and had to see these guys, protesting with bad words written on their signs and hate towards Adam. I'm not sure if they got shooed away, because the police was around there, thank goodness. It's a free country - but Adam is not hurting others, and therefore these protesters need to go away.


omg they have absolutely no right to say that!!!!!! i hate people like that who think that they can judge people while using the name of god!!!!! He handled it with grace. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!


It's just unbelieveable how ignorant people can be!If you believe in God: How can God hate homosexuals??? God is the creator of all things and beings, hence ALSO creator of the homosexuals! If you do not believe in God: then he can't hate ANYONE now can he?? Also: any talent Adam has is then given by God, and why Should God give such great talent to someone he is aposed to hate?? Buttom line: People with stupid believes like God hating anyone for any reason must be mentaly ill or very low on a IQ scale!


and on the seventh day god looked around and he was scratching his head and thought:"Turned out awsome my world,but its still not FABULOUS!" And god created The gay!




That protesting didn't ruin our night we still wore Adam Lambert t-shirts, we was there to hear an excellent singer...Do not Judge, least you be judged......for sure


I think it's funny that people flip shit about this famjam. How can ya'll rip on and judge people for ripping on an judging people?
Don't get me wrong. I love my fellow gays. The brothas and the sistahs. But I gotta say, as sick as the shit they spout make me feel, these people aren't all that bad. They are actually pretty funny, and some of them seem very nice outside of their intense beliefs. Mostly the daughters and such.
You can't hate someone for hating. It's silly.
And you can't call someone an awful person for what they believe.
Hatred is taught, you know?
It's easy to hate a name. It's much harder to hate a person.
That said, I do hope this family chills out over time, once good old preacher and wife are dead.


These people that protest should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!


Is their priest f-ing crazy? god, they all should just be locked up in a mental institution especially the one with the red shirt, blubbering idiot...

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