Jon Voight: Mad as Hell, Not a Fan of Health Care

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Possibly delusional and hate-filled actor Jon Voight appeared on Fox News' Huckabee this weekend and slammed Barack Obama for being arrogant, forcing his policies on America and essentially playing God when it comes to health care.

According to Jon, we are "witnessing a slow and steady takeover of our true freedoms" and becoming a "socialist nation" thanks to Obama and "civil unrest."

Indeed, there is rioting in the streets as we look out the window of The Hollywood Gossip office park right now. There is so much civil unrest it's ridiculous.

All we wanted was for things to stay the way they were, and for government to do nothing. But the takeover is happening so fast, we just gotta start looting.

Other observations made by the father of Angelina Jolie:

  • We are told what cars we can drive, and how much we can make.
  • Health care is a "personal crusade" of Obama that no one wants.
  • "They" are taking away God's first gift to man, "our free will."
  • The economic stimulus plan simply did not work.

The 70-year-old actor also says the President is "forcing upon" Americans something they do not want, even though their elected representatives will ultimately decide its fate by voting, and be held accountable in ensuing elections.

Agree? Disagree? Anyway, here's Jon Voight on Huckabee ...


Jon Voight should stick to acting. He and Alec Baldwin too..Too many wierd people are getting in to politics like that nutcase from SNL in Minnesota..geez America we can do better for elected officials.


Ah, yes. The peace loving, "let me do my own thing", "Don't judge my by my appearances" left. If twenty years of playing music (LA/Orange county - San Francisco/Bay Area) for a living (with people you know) amongst these types has taught me anything, it is that the very same type of closed minded bigotry they railed against in the '60's/'70's is the very same type of closed minded bigotry they "morphed" into.


I watched Jon Voight over the weekend and he made good sense. He is simply saying that Obama is overstepping his bounds and taking government where it was never intended to go in invading our lives. The Constitution is clear that the governments role ends no where near "hey let's give everyone universal health care options. Let's buy car companies and banks and then run them as we want to." Obama is a disgrace to the country and Voight has the guts to tell clearly what is wrong. I commend him for his willingness to speak out.


Jon Voight is one hundred percent right. When and if, those who worship Obama wake up, they are going to be in for a shock. Liberals are the ones who sat in the back of the class and didn't listen to the teacher, got a job and played hookey from school and expected their freinds and family to lend the money all the time. They moved from job to job, always looking for a better one where they didn't have to work to make a living. That is who is in charge of our country now. The kindergarten class now rules.


Voight has long been a wing-nut, and his own family won't speak to him. Any wonder then that he has crazy views? I was a delegate for Obama pre-election, and have been disappointed with his policies since entering office. But he isn't exactly telling us what cars to drive.


Get 'em Johnny V! Very good points!






So let me get this straight: if there is no visible civil unrest and rioting outside the window of The Hollywood Gossip, then it must not exist? Believe it or not, there are a lot more people in the U.S. and a lot more things going on that what happens with stupid celebrities and what happens outside of the offices of the people who report on them. I think Jon Voigt is great. Whether or not you or I strictly agree with everything he says, he is not one of the many lemmings in the predominantly liberal entertainment industry who just choose the popular viewpoint to bolster their careers.


Voight is an idiot, pure and simple. The insurance companies already tell us what treatments we can have and which doctors we can see. I don't know if Obama's plan will work or not. I hope it does. The one thing I do know is that the insurance companies rule the world. A lot of people can't even get insurance because of their health and they are the ones that need it the most.

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