Perez Hilton is Not Sorry For Anything

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Many words have been used to describe Perez Hilton, and most of them are probably pretty accurate. But you will never hear him be called:

  1. Lazy
  2. Apologetic

Love him or hate him, by cranking out blog post after blog post for five years running, Perez has become a celebrity brand all his own, and one with much greater staying power and influence than many of the celebrities his website covers.

All by being a bitch, by his own admission, and he's not about to stop.

He is not sorry for trashing Miss California, the now-dethroned Carrie Prejean, for her views that marriage should be between a man and woman.

He is not sorry he accused Michael Jackson of faking it on the day he died, although he did later redact his post to remove the cynical speculation.

He is not sorry he posted Dustin Lance Black sex photos showing the Milk writer and gay rights advocate having unprotected sex with a porn star.

Nor is he fully sorry for directing a gay slur at Black Eyed Peas singer last month (though after getting his ass kicked by the Black Eyed Peas' manager, Perez issued a qualified apology to "the gay community," but not

Every time Perez Hilton, 31, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, utters the sort of outrage that would land him in prison for life if the world were governed by laws of good taste and kindness, his popularity only grows.

So why would he be sorry? Perez no longer just gossips about celebrities; he has now become one. Now they gossip about him. The top celebrity gossip competitors rarely evoke the passionate love/hate reactions engendered by Hilton.

Increasingly, he is a force to be reckoned with in other spheres of pop culture as well. On July 21, Hilton launched his own music imprint, Perezcious Music.

While he is trying to come up with a fresh idea for a TV entertainment news show, he's already got Radio Perez, a daily gossip report for Citadel Broadcasting.

Even Hilton, a once-schlubby but increasingly lean (thanks to two trainers and a $70-a-day meal service) Cuban-American kid from Miami, seems amazed.

"In. San. Ity," he trilled, sitting in a T-shirt and sweat pants on an L-shaped couch in the living room of his surprisingly modest two-bedroom apartment.

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Gosh!! I remember the days I was heokod on the gossip blogs. Mine were Perez, D-Listed and Just Jared. Those three sites were such a time drain. Cutting those out really helped me be more productive. This week my goal is to try to forgo eating out too.Fresh by Maddy //


Stopped reading him a long time ago. He says derogatory things about women.


I can't believe this fugly pug-faced clown is famous for being a poop stain on hollywood. He doesn't even write his own stuff, the only thing he does is draw penises and crack pipes on celebrities faces like a immature high schooler does a year book. He's a jealous bitch cuz he has no talent. He can't act or song and can't get a date-I don't really think he's gay considering that he has never had a boy friend, and probably is a virgin.


OMG, I cant believe the little fecktard actually accused MJ of faking his own death! Little toad gives everyone warts just by virtue of reading his hate e-mail.


Lazy, yes, I certainly WOULD call him lazy. He does NOT crank out blog posts...he cuts and pastes everyone else's gossip posts, then doodles in the usual banal semen or drool, writes a typically nasty insult to the celebrity and passes the blog off as his own. I quit reading him when he went nuts on Miss California, as his rage seemed so misplaced, IMHO.


I quit reading his blog as well, like long time ago . this thing is nothing but a piece of SHIT!


NEVER read him anymore. I finally came to my senses and went cold turkey from that turkey about six months ago. Haven't missed him, there's plenty of other sites to read. I don't believe for a second that he's PR free. He's becoming like the mafia, pay me or I'll write something you don't want me to say. He's a turd and his viewpoint is one that comes from a turd.


What an ass.

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