Paulina Chmielecka: Ryan Jenkins' Accessory?

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The mystery blonde who helped reality TV star and suspected murderer Ryan Jenkins flee the authorities may have been his former fiancee, Paulina Chmielecka.

That's according to the manager of the motel in Hope, British Columbia, where the fugitive was found dead on Sunday afternoon after he apparently killed himself.

Ryan and Paulina were engaged until he called it off a few months ago. Around that time he pursed Megan Hauserman on VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire, became a finalist, lost, went to Las Vegas and met Jasmine Fiore, who he married days later.

He then allegedly murdered Fiore last weekend. Got all that?

Shown photos of Paulina Chmielecka, who was in a relationship with Ryan Jenkins until early this year, manager Kevin Walter says he's "100 percent sure" the girl who drove him to the Thunderbird Motel and paid for the room Thursday is her.

Walter only spoke with the woman, while Jenkins waited in the car. He did not know who Ryan was or that he was wanted until he was found dead in the room.

So did Paulina Chmielecka really aid Ryan Jenkins? Don't be so sure.

Police now tell TMZ that despite the manager's claim, Paulina is not the woman they are looking for. Moreover, she seems to have an alibi, as her agent says she was doing a fashion show Friday and filming a cooking show Saturday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police held a press conference in which they say they identified the mystery woman, though they did not reveal who it is.

They do not feel she is a public threat, nor are they appealing for her to come forward. The RCMP says she can only be charged as an accessory after the fact to crimes committed in Canada - not to the murder Jenkins was wanted for.

Hopefully, one way or another, the book will soon be closed on the tragic death of Jasmine Fiore. We hope the late model is resting in peace.

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how did this douchy toolbag get any women to pay attention to him at all, let alone a couple of sexy blondes who were considering MARRIAGE with him. I just don't understand it. I mean take a look at his eyebrows for crying out loud. Thats not even a GOOD wax job.


I firmly believe Paulina is the right person who helped Ryan Jenkins. That is my gut feeling, no one else. Thank goodness Ryan is dead. He deserved his just reward.DEATH.


first off i wanna know what megan is thinking and feeling right now this really freaked me out. i was rooting for the guy i will never forget him sitting on the couch with megan saying "let's just say you won't have to sign a pre-nup" it gives me chills was he trying to say don't worry you wont live long enough to need one? i also remember in a confessional he says he loves the chase and challenge of beautiful women creepy makes me think that this guy has always been a serial killer who unexpectly got caught because of his newfound celebrity!! vh1 if you're listening at least put the remainder of the show and ILM#3 on the website so that we loyal viewers atleast have the option of watching the rest of the season it can only help the website and i'm ready for that megan exclusive "it could've been me"


If this fraud Ryan "Was a Wealthy Real Estate Investor, Businessman... etc" why does ex fiance have to pay for dumpy motel? Just more Scam from a two Bit Hustler?