Jasmine Fiore Murder Investigation Ongoing; Ex "Happy" Ryan Jenkins Killed Himself

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The investigation into the murder of Jasmine Fiore continues as authorities are looking for a woman who drove her suspected killer to a motel in Hope, B.C.

Police found reality TV star Ryan Jenkins dead late yesterday afternoon, dangling from the coat rack in his motel room after apparently taking his own life.

Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on Megan Wants a Millionaire (now pulled by VH1) and I Love Money 3, was wanted for the murder of Jasmine Fiore and the subject of an widespread manhunt before escaping to his native Canada late last week.

On Thursday, a woman checked him into the Thunderbird Motel in Hope. She was in her early 20s and drove a silver PT Cruiser with Alberta license plates.

The woman paid up front for three days in cash, stayed with Ryan Jenkins for about 20 minutes and wasn't seen again. The manager says he didn't get a look at Jenkins because he waited in the car while the mystery blond checked him in.

Meanwhile, those close to the murdered model are speaking out about Jenkins' death, saying it brings at least some amount of closure to the unspeakable tragedy.

Robert Hasman, the ex-boyfriend who police say Jasmine Fiore was texting the night before she was murdered, went on the Today show this morning and said in no uncertain terms that "I was happy that Ryan [Jenkins], that he killed himself."

Jasmine Fiore's mother, Lisa Lepore, was on the show as well and said how his death helps bring some sense of closure to her daughter's tragic passing.

"It is a long process, but it brings some closure to what's been going on," said Lepore, who now lives in Maui, Hawaii. "We don't have to worry about looking for him anymore or being worried that he is a threat to any other women or men."

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Wut if he didn't do it? Wut if he was with someone else or has no strong standing alibi and panicked? Then there's the mystery blond...could she be a suspect? Anything is possible, he could have been innocent! She could hav drugged him and hung him in the closet herself! Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned remember? She checked him in and was gone 20 minutes later, never came back! HMMM Am I the only one that looks at this from both sides? Yes a young lady was brutally murdered, but he is gone too now and no one will ever know the truth! The same person could have killed them both!


I don't know what you were watching... But what I saw was a devastated mother that just lost her daughter! She tried to keep it together on tv cus she's been awake for a week!! I wouldn't beable to sleep if my daughter was godforbid absoluetly bruttelly murdered I'd act the same way.... She's in shock !!! You lost a celebrity... She lost her daughter.. Have some respect!!! And another thing people need to stop smearing her name,.. She worked hard to get where she is!!!!! I bet if it was you... You ppl wouldnt b so critical!! Lett her rest in peace n the family mourn her death!!!!!!


this is really sad that this all had to happen but the mother dosent look sad?? if that was my daughter i wouldn't have even been able to speak!! but this is very shocking and sad


good now he will get his punishment.
if i were him i wouldnt be able to live with myself eather.

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