Miley Cyrus Cries Herself a River Via Twitter

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We get it: Miley Cyrus is a 16-year old girl, confused about love and often weary about the way boys treat her.

That's perfectly normal and understandable.

But this is not: why does Cyrus continue to post Twitter messages about her supposedly sorry state of affairs? We'd love to leave her alone and ler Miley focus on these important issues... but she keeps throwing them in our face!

The latest example of the singer's need to draw attention to herself took place yesterday afternoon, when she Tweeted the message below, followed by the photo below:

Another Tweet

Poor Miley. It must really be tough to fight off the advances of cute boys such as Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston.

But that isn't even the point. If Cyrus feels like the "story of her life" is one of heartbreak, so be it. We've all been there. We can sympathize with her pain.

We just can't understand why she chooses to make it so public. Doesn't she have a group of friends she can talk to? Is she really so lonely and/or desperate for attention that she must share every iota of her life with everyone else?

We're actually asking these questions. Leave a comment and give us an answer.


Please Leave Her Alone.


Ugh, oh my god! Leave her alone! Sheesh! Stop calling her names and well if you hate her so much why are you reading articles about her? Plus, I think it's kinda cool she wants to express her feelings and tell everyone how she feels. Yeah, duh she's got friends but maybe she wanted to just say it aloud. She's not craving for attention either. Plus other teens do it too! I know I do it on my MSN, like how I'm feeling and all (I'm a teen too). This site is kinda dumb and stupid for bagging on a young teen star. She is still growing up and duh we all make mistakes. Do you expect all stars to be perfect? Cause I don't. I'd like to see the mistakes they make, it makes me feel I'm just the same as him/her. In fact, I think all the people that are bagging on her want attention as well! HA, SO THERE. GET A LIFE! GET OVER IT. Talk about important things like current news or economy. AND STOP TALKING BAD THINGS ABOUT HER, SHE'S JUST A TEENAGER. SERIOUSLY!


I used to like Miley Cyrus,now my opinions changed,to me she's like a snotty little brat waiting to grow up so she can inherit all the money her parents make.She's also an attention craving bitch.
Once upon a time she might have never ended up this way,now she's dipped into the hot life and one day it will crash to the very ground on which she stands.


she wants to share with her fans


Wow. Miley cyrus wrote something (lightheartedly as shown by the smiley at the end) about her love life. No need to make a big deal out of it. go to any other teenagers myspace or twitter page you'll find the same thing. It's normal. You people are making it look like a cry for attention when really it's not. It's her being a teenager. get over it man.


ok miley is a regular gir and she posts it up on twitter because she wants people to remember a 14 year old girl and when something makes me upset i go and post up emotional statuses to!ok like get a clue people,please.


I honestly think miley is trying to get attention! one thing she needs to change is her acting and dressins like a slut! parents are ruining their childrens lves by letting them watch Hannah Hotana!


I'm assuming this necklace will not be available for purchase via Disney Inc.?


She's a normal 16 yr. old teenage girl! I write how I feel on my things too n soo do many other ppl. Itz jus that she's famous soo every1 reads it. But let her go through her phases. Like I said she's 16 n goin through heartache, itz kinda like a vent.


o and another thing. i think that deep down inside everyone wishes they where her. its not hate, honey. look in the dictionary. its called jealousy. shes young, gorgeous, and successful at 16. i sure as hell am jealous. but i dont hate her for her fortune. neither should you.

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