Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston: Behind the Break-Up

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Granted, the break-up of Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston is old news at this point.

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    I MEAN JUST LOOK AT MILEY SHE IS A SPOILED BRAT!!!she is acting completely imature.nick word of advice 4rom ur fan never get back with miley she doesnt deserve someone as good and hot as u!!!


    i hate miley and i really dont think they should be together.nick is soo cool and deserves someone to love him truthfully not cheat on him like miley .nick doent need the drama,and miley is full of it!!!!they had a wonderful time together but she ruined it!!!she doent deserve someone as good as nick is.nick is better off without her!!!! luuuuuuv u nick!!!!!


    i think nick is better on without miley .she sucks now!!!he doesnt need mrs drama queen again.he deserves someone to love him and care about him and not to cheat on him like miley did . NICK DONT EVER GET BACK TOGETHER WITH MILEY SHE WILL RUIN UR LIFE AND BESIDES U ARE WAT BETTER THAN HER!!!


    Stop trashing Miley, you know what she's 17, shes supposed to make mistakes and learn from them, I'm sure you guys have done worser than that! As for Miley and Nick they looked awesome together, it makes me cry thinking about how they got started and how they lost all that they were, yes, I don't know what will happen in the future but as long as they are best friends none of that really matters. I think its totally great how they could stay best friends after going what they went through, everytime I hear sad songs about Old Loves and stuff, it just makes me wanna cry myself to sleep, it hurts my heart knowing that there really over, and I know that if I had to listen to all of you people trashing me, I would be sad and I would just not let you get to me, like Miley's doing, So come on guys be the bigger person here and be nice about stuff.

    *Honestly hope that Miley and Nick aren't over*
    Love Niley with all of my heart :)


    Nick deserves someone better. Miley is a load of drama that caused Nick so much pain in the past...he may be happy now, but just wait until things get more serious. He'll be exhausted and tired of her. She's just too...I don't know. she's just Miley. She obviously used Justin to get back with Nick, and he deserves better.


    their not should be back together again, nick is too much better for miley cyrus. miley cyrus like crazy woman this year and I DON'T LIKE HER ANYMORE!!!!!

    poor nick jonas.... he has to realize tht miley is not deserve for him, coz he can get much better than her... and I DON'T LIE!!!!


    i think she is cool really cool if you think she is cool and want to know real info on teen news that is the truth search me on


    i think miley should stop all of it did you guys see her on the kid choice awards she was a hot mess she turned into som nasty half dressed chick she got her nose pierced and if you have any comments write me at


    Miley Should Make Up Her mind justin really loves her and now miley just brock his heart and she moved on miley should meet new ppl and nick can just wait....justin was really good to justin but why is the real reason miley brock up with justin is it for nick or what????
    xox-Tanis Gadwa---Edmonton,AB


    they look so cute togetther, comon they maked such a good couple together,i wish thats the true about them.Go miley and nick,you guys look good togetther.

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