Mark Lester: Biological Father of Paris Jackson?

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Arnold Klein who? Michael Jackson's good friend Mark Lester looks at the late King of Pop's daughter Paris and is convinced he is her real dad.

Lester recently said in an interview that he secretly donated sperm to help the singer have kids - and that Paris looks just like his own daughter Harriet.

Until two weeks ago the child star of Oliver, the Oscar-winning classic adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel, had not told anyone this, even his wife.

But Mark Lester is now going public with this theory and is willing to take a DNA test to prove paternity, saying, "It's been a secret for so long."

"In 1996 Michael asked if I would give him my sperm. I said yes. It was a gift to him, no money was paid. I was honored to. He wanted children so badly."

Lester, an osteopathic doctor and acupuncture specialist, is only speaking out now because after Jackson's death he fears he will be cut off from her life.

"With Michael's mother Katherine now their legal guardian it's like the kids are being isolated," said Mark, who is the godfather of all three of Michael's kids. "Up until Michael's memorial I was in touch with them on a weekly basis.

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"I'm the Godparent to them and Michael was Godparent to my four kids. Our families spent a lot of time together, had a lot fun together. Now I'm not able to have any communication with the children. This isn't what Michael would have wanted."

Mark Lester said he has spoken to lawyers to establish his rights to contact the children. He then revealed in detail how Jackson:

  • Hatched the sperm donor plan because he was scared to have sex.
  • Joked about making donor babies using a "turkey baster."
  • Booked Mark into a special London clinic for the procedure.
  • Shared holidays and intimate moments with the Lesters.

The plan for Mark to donate sperm to Jackson all along. Amazingly, he is not the first close friend to be the subject of paternity rumors involving the children.

Dr. Arnold Klein, a dermatologist who treated Michael and also spent a great deal of time with the star as a close friend, also donated sperm "at some point."

Asked if he is the father of Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson, Klein has offered only strange non-denials, saying he's not, "to the best of my knowledge."

There is also the unrelated, yet equally puzzling rumor of whether the star's "close friend" Omer Bhatti, 25, is really the secret (and biological) son of Jackson.

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He's doing the math wrong. Firstly, if he gave his sperm in '96.. it's most likely that he's Prince's biological father not paris. Plus, he looks SO much like Prince especially when Prince was younger and was extremely blonde. Mark Lester your child is Prince not Paris. Can you not see the resemblance?


Even if he used a sperm donor, Michael Jackson was still the REAL father of those children, because he raised them as his own. A donor is not a father and never can be.


mark lester doit etre le pere de paris comme sa paris elle va pas ouvrir sa guele en disant que mj et son pere ou elle et 100/100 jackson elle reve trot maintenant elle sera appeler paris lester elle doit etre contente son pere ne pas more


Mark Lester is most likely the biological father of Paris Jackson.


Mark Lester is NOT the father of Paris Michael Jackson is!!!!

@ Jentri

No that not true they have secret right to michael jackson..


For all those who think that Mark Lester is Paris's daddy - take the trouble to look at various sites on Youtube including some which show the results of Michael and Debbie Rowe being morphed. THEN you will see who her biological father is. Some of you bigots out there may be in for a bit of a surprise!!!


i think he is paris father......


hell no this bloody asshole is not her daady....u bloody rascal.... michael jackson is the bilogical father of all his 3 childrens ok???


I think he really may be her dad. We all know that Micheeal was not her biological father. The girls look a lot alike maybe this will be a good thing for her because she really loved her daddy. When one door closes another opens. Good Luck Mr. Lester


mark Lester introduced the cheapest way to promote daughter to be a superstar.
nice try, Mark...

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