Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami to New Depths

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America has a lot of problems: a high unemployment rate, an ongoing debate about health care, a potential presidential candidate who exploits the military for her own political agenda.

With that in mind, Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami is one of two things:

  1. A welcome distraction from these issues;
  2. Or the epitome of all that's wrong in our country.

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself.

And remember to tune in to the season premiere of this ridiculous series, as a staff member of The Hollywood Gossip will take his shirt off during it. Seriously!


Infertility is a medical issue. There is no amonut of waiting it out and stop stressing that will cure it. Would you offer that same advice to someone suffering from heart disease or diabetes? Massages and spa vacations are not going to save my uterus from the damages of endometriosis. I know it's tempting to offer stories of how so and so miraculously got pregnant after trying for years, however, these occurrences happen as often as a shooting star. Yet, everyone seems to know someone with this story. While it's amazing that pregnancies happen for a handful of people after years of trying, chances are most people diagnosed with infertility will need some medical intervention to get pregnant.I wish Khloe and her husband the best as they move forward with treatment.


What were you Thinking of Kim you decided To get drunk for One Knight before your Photo shoot you are Sweet sexxy you,re a Hottie a Beauty Queen you Didn,t half to go out And drink i Love you just The way you are Honey baby please Don,t do this Please

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