Kate Hudson-Minka Kelly Rivalry Heats Up the Bronx

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She's already rounded third and headed for home with Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, but Kate Hudson won't get any hugs in the dugout from Minka Kelly.

The Friday Night Lights star is the girlfriend of New York's captain - and perceived A-Rod rival - Derek Jeter. And Minka doesn't like A-Rod's new play thing!

At home games, relations between the two actresses are said to be colder than fan reactions to those $2,000 seats at the new Yankee Stadium.

"There's been visible coldness between Minka and Kate," an insider told the New York Post. "I don't know if it's a personal thing, or just an extension of the ongoing A-Rod-Derek Jeter rivalry. But people are choosing sides."

Forget Red Sox-Yankees. This rivalry on the periphery the team with baseball's best record is far more interesting than your average MLB rumors.

Minka vs. Kate

Who would you rather ...


According to New York media sources, Minka Kelly has been dating Jeter since last year, although you'd scarcely know it. She prefers to cheer him on from his private seats and keeps a low profile, rarely being photographed with him.

Then Kate Hudson burst on the scene.

She's been snapped kissing Alex Rodriguez in the stands, and recently switched from sitting in a private box to hanging out in the family seats, cheering on the team with Yankees wives such as Amber Sabathia and Karen Burnett.

Hudson, who also enthusiastically attended the Bombers' family picnic, seems to have gotten an early thumbs-up from veteran Yankee spouses Michelle Damon and Laura Posada, whose stamp of approval is crucial, a Post source said.

Reps for Hudson and Kelly didn't respond to requests for comment, but we are holding out hope for a public war of words, and/or a cat fight in the stands.

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Minka who?


What the hell is a Minka?!


Kate Hudson iz a raggedy ass bitch quite frankly wat the fuck does A-Rod see in dat bitch if I was Minka I swear to God i`d beat the shit outta Kate no doubt


Who the hell is Minky Kelly? I never heard of hear until now. Is she a unknown actress?


why is it an issue that minka sits to watch the game in jeter parivate box with his folks & not with hudson & other partners? whats the problem in that?
is it life threatening? is it grounds for legal action? is it upsetting hudson cos minkas not sitting with her & talking to her? does minka have to talk to hudson? does it upset arod that minka not talking to hudson? should minka bow to hudson cos shes more famous than her? does hudson demand that minka talk to her cos shes with highly paid arod? does hudson demand that mink make first contact cos thats the way it is? is it cos hudson thinks shes prettier? and has famous parents? does arod expect all other partners to keep her company during the games while hes playing? is it cos hudson crys everynite to arod that minkas not talking to her? and that she demand arod do something bout it?
good god! celebrities gone mad & what ever happen to good journalism?


Ok Minka is talentless and a total idiot with an annoying voice. Maybe she can learn some acting tips from Kate. Sounds like she is jealous of her. Kate is getting attention and she is one of Dereks many flings.


arod is a joke.. i love him as a yankee but as a person, please him and kate hudson arent going anywhere. I mean seriously he was with madonna, thats just nastyyyy. Jeter all the way.. LOVE HIM


I love A-rod and Jeter both I cannot chose.


Since when does 3.5 years with a team qualify you as a "veteran" player? (Damon signed with Yanks in Dec 2005, so started playing spring 2006). Do the writers of these articles ever check a fact? Oh, wait, it's a gossip column. What was I thinking. And who or what is a Minka Kelly?

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