Kate Hudson: Alex Rodriguez Good Luck Charm

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A-Rod may have a new lucky charm.

The New York Yankees slugger, who sparks even more celebrity gossip rumors than he does MLB rumors, recently went public with movie star Kate Hudson, and he's been on top of his game ever since, raising his average to .259!

His average since their first public smooch on July 25 is up almost 25 points. And not only is he hitting home runs off the field (if you know what we mean!) he swatted two balls out of the yard in a weekend sweep of the Boston Red Sox as well.

Yankee fans are pleased with the impact his relationship is having.

"It's gotta help him out a little," said baseball fan Mike Grassi, 20, from Long Island. "I would definitely play a lot better if I had her as my girlfriend."

"He's got a hot girl on his side," agreed Erik Vesper, 22, a Yankees backer from South Plainfield, N.J. "It's making up for all of her terrible movies."

K-ROD: Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez have gone public.

The bubbly blond Kate Hudson, 30, has been rooting for Alex Rodriguez, 34, all summer, laughing and waving from a front row seat at Yankee Stadium.

The New York Daily News caught up with the actress last night at Los Dados restaurant in Manhattan's Meatpacking District and she declined comment - but smiled - when asked if her presence has been helping A-Rod's game.

The MLB's active home run leader made his relationship with her official at the team's family picnic day, cuddling and smooching for the cameras. Since that day A-Rod is batting .283 and striking out a lot less ... in more ways than one! 

On Saturday, Hudson even brought parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell to the game. The family went wild as the Yankees beat the Sox, 5-0.

We think they're onto something here ...

LUCKY CHARM: A-Rod waits for his next at-bat as K-Hud looks on.


Alex Rodriguez, became our friend on face book and when we asked him to help with the homeless he simply deleted us. Well, I shall keep him in prayer. Why do people believe that when they achieved success that it comes from them alone and not through the Grace Of God. Best of luck Mr Rodriguez. Reverend Trey Noran


Luck is not a thing of reality luck is just a fantasy word there iz no such thing as luck what A-Rod has is skill damn besides he knows she`s a slut he`s just dating her because he knows she will give it up easily face it shes a slut


Its nice to see to people fall in love. Stop hating. I think they both are happy. It is great. I love Kate Hudson. It is nice to see her happy for once. I love it when you see two people into each other. They support each other and compliment each other. Who knows how long it will last? It is just nice to enjoy the moment of love.


FYI, ARod isn't the majors active home run leader. That title goes to Ken Griffey Jr who has 630 homers. ARod only has 583. Ha, "only" 583. Yeah, the man can swing the lumber, now it looks as though he can do it off the field too lol.


Kate Hudson is awesome, Alex is really ugly.


Kate Hudson IS ONE OF THE WHORES OF HOLLYWOOD. Maybe instead of the "Real Housewives of Orange County", they should start a show called the " REAL WHORES OF HOLLYWOOD" staring Kim K, Kate H, and few others. I give this so call relationship less than 6 more months. Hey maybe she will get back with Owen Wilson.


I know this has been mentioned before but I think people in Hollywood have pretty much slept with everyone. When you look at who each has dated it's like this constant recycling of people.

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