Jenny Sanford Moves Out, Leaves Mark Sanford Over Maria Belen Chapur Affair

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Jenny Sanford, the wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, has moved out of the official governor's residence with their four sons as of this morning.

This comes a little more than a month after Mark Sanford admitted an affair with an Argentine woman, Maria Belen Chapur, calling her his "soul mate."

Jenny Sanford and several other women moved boxes from the governor's mansion in Columbia, S.C. In a statement, Jenny said she was heading to the family home on Sullivans Island, some 120 miles east, for the upcoming school year.

"We will work to continue the process of healing our family," she said.

"While we will be leaving Columbia, I will remain engaged in activities in my role as First Lady, acknowledging that my responsibilities to my family come first."

Gov. Mark Sanford says he supports his wife's decision to move out of the governor's mansion, just weeks after he admitted to an affair with another woman.

The governor says the decision was best for the couple's reconciliation. In July, the couple and their children returned this week from a trip to Europe.

The boys had attended a private school in Columbia.

Jenny Sanford is a former Wall Street vice president who helped launch her husband's political career only to endure his tearful public confession in June.

She had separated from her husband and sought refuge with her sons at the couple's coastal home before news of his affair with Maria Belen Chapur broke.

Mark Sanford lied about his whereabouts and went off the grid, traveling to Argentina to see Chapur. This was exposed, along with his racy emails to her.


98% of the comments are excellent here. Bravo Jenny you left that wastiod parasite now the people of South Carolina should demand the samething and throw that lair piece of trash out of office. Once an idiot always an idiot no more politics for you Sanford maybe your name says it all and you should collect junk for your yard instead. Although I think the Fred G. Sanford on TV was a million times more caring and intelligent than you Mark! Right on Jenny I hope you meet someone who will treat you good in the near future after you divorce Mr. Parasite!


Healing her family is a way - I guess - of acknowledging it is BEST for four young better deserving sons to be far, far away from their venereally acting father. What a loser he is. Making his bed with someone he never should have bedded down in the first place. Loser - Mark Sanford that is. Jenny Sanford is one class act. A role model for wives who have bee lied to and deceived, chronically so, over and over and over - with not just one woman - but multiple ones. You go Jenny - as far away from this venereally infected scoundrel as you can....


Forgive Mark, YES Jenny and move on, so happy you can afford to move out. Your husband is so self absorbed an arrogant and wimpy. What a narcisist to have an affair with a woman who looks like him in drag. He is a pathetic self serving loser. Atleast his kids have their mother to look up to.




Done meant SPINELESS


What a SMART WOMAN lo move out and leave him! At least, Jenny is NOT a SPINLESS JELLYFISH COWARDLY WOMAN, like others that did NOT leave their CHEATING DOUCHEBAG husbands! Jenny-YOU HAVE BRAINS and are a SMART WOMAN!! PUT YOURSELF FIRST! Hopefully, YOU DIVORCE HIM!




Thank God Jenny Sanford finally discovered a modicum of dignity and moved out on horndog Mark. She's played the martyr and "understanding little woman" long enough; time to take a stand against his philandering ways. I hope she divorces the SOB and maintains 100% custody of the children. Mark Sanford is a total slimeball.

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