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He was on the bubble for awhile (boo), but Wrigley has officially chewed out Chris Brown (boo!) and terminated his endorsement deal following his assault conviction.

Brown had been a spokesman for Doublemint gum and his hit song “Forever” was part of Wrigley’s advertising campaign. But now they officially spit him out (BOOO!).

Following the singer’s February arrest on suspicion of attacking Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy Awards, Wrigley said it was “concerned” but withheld judgment.

Chris Brown in 2021

Maintaining that Brown, 20, deserved due legal process, Wrigley said at the time it was suspending its commercial featuring Brown, but declined to take any action.

But with Brown pleading guilty in June to punching Rihanna until she was bloodied and bruised, Wrigley said on Thursday it had “ended” its deal with the singer.

NOT DOUBLE HIS PLEASURE: Wrigley’s wants no more of Chris Brown.

Brown agreed in his plea bargain to serve five years probation and perform 180 days of community service (serious, physical labor) in his home state of Virginia.

A charge of criminal threats was thus dropped and he will not go to jail.

Wrigley’s disclosure came a day after a judge delayed sentencing at a hearing for Brown to make sure his punishment included hard labor such as road cleanup.

This means more likely to hear “Forever” as a wedding intro song than on TV, and that while Chris dodged the jail bullet, his wallet may take a hit going forward.