Maria Belen Chapur Pictures: Revealed at Last!

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Maria Belen Chapur is the mistress of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

This we learned earlier in the week when he admitted his extramarital affair with the Argentine woman - and Sanford's emails to her were hilariously published.

But little information about, and no photos of, Maria Belen Chapur have been available for us to learn anything about the latest infamous political mistress.

Until now.

For what it's worth (nothing), Maria Belen Chapur appears to be at least somewhat attractive, putting her several leagues above Rielle Hunter. Sorry, John Edwards.

Maria Belen Chapur is an Argentine woman who met Sanford seven years ago, and is 43. They were friends before she became his mistress, but the two have had a romantic relationship for a year or so. As we said, there are emails to prove this.

According to reports, she works for Bunge y Born, an agribusiness and grain trading corporation. She is fluent in English, as well as Portuguese and Chinese.

Chapur is also married, appropriately, and has two sons with her husband, with whom she lives in an upscale section of Buenos Aires. Some reports claim she is a former model, body builder and/or actress. Whether this is true is unclear.

Below are more photos of Maria Belen Chapur screen-capped from a 2001 video. Also included are pics of a Maria Shapur on Facebook who may or may not be the woman behind Mark Sanford's Argentine affair, but she has the same name!

What do you think? Are those other pictures even her? And what was Mark Sanford thinking getting caught up in this - and thinking it could be kept secret?

Here's a video of Maria Belen Chapur ...


She's a fox! I bet she has brains to go with those incredible looks! I see how our Governor fell in love with this woman. "Now you understand why US men prefer foreign born women: THEY TREAT US BETTER, RESPECT US, APPRECIATE THAT AFFECTION WE SHOW THEM, AND ACKNOWLEDGE OUR EFFORTS TO PROVIDE A BETTER LIFE." Every foreign girl I've met was superior in every conceivable way to any other girl I've known, from attractiveness to personality. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of women on my trip to eastern Europe. Classy, cultured, traditional values, how could you ask for more?


Mark Sanford is a fool. He led the charge on Clinton's indescretions. The look on his face was priceless when he returned to the states and a reporter was awaiting his arrival. I bet Clinton is somewhere LHAO and so am I.


Sanford is an idiot. He literally has no brain. He lets his member make decisions for him. He should remember that ultimately, the passion dies, and then lovers are left to deal with the "responsibilities", such as children. That's when fools start looking around for another passionate partner, and that's when the more responsible partner realizes that he/she is married to an idiot. And so it goes, on and on.


Abdul has got one hell of a point. By some accounts the Governor has been less than impressive at Public life. Now he should concentrate on his private life.


You can see Maria's *leaked photos* here too:
You have to do a little survey then it takes you right to the pics!!!


The religious crackpots, femiNAZIS, and politically correct assholes are having a nice time with all this.
As far as I am concerned, IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT!
Now, bring on the hate mail, ragheads, holy Republican rollers, lezzies, and ObamaRats!
But first, KISS MY ASS!
There, feel better?
You know you love it.....


To Abdul:
If Western society is so stupid, then why do we not stone our women for adultery like the society you obviously adore?


Chick's Sasquatch eyebrows are frightening. I'd hate to see what's downstairs. A forest is likely.


This whole controversy just shows how stupid Western society is. Sanford is a normal man and should marry Maria without it effecting his current marriage. Sanford can afford two wives so why should he be limited to one? Clearly he loves both women and they love him. American Liberals support gay marriage declaring that "people in love shouldn't be denied the right to marry" so why should Sanford be denied legal status for his love? Monogamy is contrary to men's nature and throughout most of human history, men were polygamous. If gay marriage is legal, so also should be polygamy.


More pictures of her:

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