Ryan Jenkins Charged with Murder of Jasmine Fiore

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The Orange County District Attorney's office has charged Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money contestant Ryan Jenkins with the murder of his wife.

Jasmine Fiore, who married Ryan Alexander Jenkins in March, was discovered Saturday stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a dumpster in Buena Park, Calif.

Jenkins is believed to have escaped to Canada last night or this morning despite a massive manhunt by authorities to stop him from sneaking out of the U.S.

The 32-year-old fugitive is believed to be a native of Canada.

At this point it is unclear if Jenkins is charged with first or second degree murder. The D.A. will be releasing more information about the case shortly.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ryan Jenkins.

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It is not known what motive Ryan Jenkins had for killing Jasmine Fiore, if he is indeed responsible for this grisly crime. One theory police are working on is that he became enraged at his wife for communicating with an ex-lover.

Ryan Jenkins has been on the run from the police ever since he reported his wife, a former Playboy model, missing last Saturday night. Ryan has a history of violence, having assaulted Fiore earlier this year and a former girlfriend in 2005.

Witnesses believe they saw Jenkins last night in Washington State close to the Canadian border. It is not known if he has been apprehended in Canada or if Ryan would be turned over to authorities in the United States when and if he is.

UPDATE (8:25 EST): Formal charges against Ryan Jenkins have been filed, with a bail recommendation of $10 million. The police describe him as "armed and dangerous." Buena Park police and the U.S. Marshals are still hunting him down.

Police say Ryan may have a handgun, and that Jasmine Fiore's teeth and fingers had been removed, implying whoever killed her wanted to conceal her identity.

Interestingly, Robert Hasman, the aforementioned ex-boyfriend of Fiore, spoke at the press conference on behalf of Fiore's family, calling Jenkins "an animal."

Last Friday, when Jasmine and Jenkins were in San Diego, she texted Robert Hasman, saying she was going to him. It appears that Ryan Jenkins may have seen the text because Hasman received another text shortly after saying "suck it."

Police think Jasmine's text may have triggered the fatal violence.


Sounds like they deserved each other.
She had the fake boobs and was aspiring to be a model (dont you make that at 17?) and he had his daddys cash.
Sounds like 2 losers heading towards destiny.


This is what happens when vain, greedy and stupid people play games with eachother!


This is by far the worst mess i have heard this year.....money is the rule of all evil. I wouldnt date a person because they are a millionaire in the beginnig because they think that they can pay their wqay out of anyting...none the less i will keep her and her family in my prayers and hope this scum bag is captured and suffers the consequences behind taking someones daughter, friend, sister....




What do you expect from a show that produces people for a show about wanting a millionaire. I can'think of anyone that comes off completely "normal" on any show from VH1. It seems like the skank brother of MTV. But each year the contestants get more whoreish and manless with the contestants. Its like which part will you play the player, the crazy, the drunk, the loudmouth. And each year each part becomes more lame.


Women LOVE good looking studly man like this dude. Oh not to mention he's RICH RICH RICH! It will be just a few days before he finds himself another woman.


What a dirt bag.
I wonder what the timeline is between this incedent and the 'Megan wants a millionaire' show?
Aren't there any screenings beforehand?
How about that kid that was on the show who is penniless until his Grandfather dies?
And now an alleged murderer?
I tell ya, anything for the show eh?
I HATE what this world is and is coming to be.

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