Celebrity Fashion Watch: Michelle Obama Shorts

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The beautiful First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, is visiting our national parks and making headlines once again for her fashion sense.

Or what some consider her lack thereof, in this case.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

Various Michelle Obama pictures show her in "short shorts" at Grand Canyon National Park. Calling them "short shorts," as some have, is a bit of a stretch.

They're really just shorts, which are, by definition, short.

Well, unless you're Kevin Federline.

Nevertheless, her choice to wear shorts at all is being criticized by some members of the media and public. Apparently some people feel this type of attire is a tad inappropriate, or at least too casual, for the First Lady. Do you agree?

Michelle Obama sports shorts to the Grand Canyon. Who can blame her, it's hot!

To be honest, we don't see why anyone would be critical. She's not going Jessica Simpson on us. Michelle Obama's shorts seem of appropriate length.

It's also Arizona. In August. You can't blame a woman for dressing for the weather. Perhaps the public is not used to a First Lady who's young and hip.

Michelle Obama's shorts are ...


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I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a nice pair of classic shorts if you are the First Lady IF they look good. These don't look good on Michelle. I know everyone talks about her "great" body...well...her body is not that great. She isn't in that great of shape at all. She is a heavy woman. Heavy women cannot wear everything. If she lost some weight maybe but right now she does not look great.


This administration is absolutely laughable and makes the highest position in our government appear common without respect for our country and the people who fight for our freedom.




PLEASE!!! With the mess this country is in WHY are talking about her clothes at all?


Oh! Common! If its hot and the peak of summer, is she still going to wear a designer dress?? she is human too!!!. her choice of clothing is very decent and suited for her as an woman of high standard. And for those of you "critiscing" why dont YOU wear a three piece suit on a hot summer day!


she's the first lady of the United States. She can wear what ever she wants. Hell, it was probably hot as hell


She looks so good. Whoever is making a big deal is just jealous coz they cant look that good or can wear shorts like she does. Go Michelle......


Mrs Obama looks cool, she is a young and sexy woman
stay cool Mrs. O


its hot and they are not short shorts.she would be crazy to wear heels and a suit.some people need to get a life. stay cool mrs. obama.


Oh please --- they are average shorts, not "short shorts", and it's the Grand Canyon for God's sake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this outfit. How spiteful, small-minded and useless a person would you have to be to find fault with this outfit? (Answer: "very"). I suppose the whiners would be happy if Mrs. Obama was wearing one of Laura Bush's omnipresent, super-predictably and totally inappropriate for the Grand Canyon boring Chanel-type suits. Yeah, a mid-calf tweedy skirt with pumps and matching tweedy short jacket would be about their speed. Stupid, but their speed.