Whitney Port: What's Her Best Look?

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Whitney Port rarely goes wrong, but she does mix her style up from time to time, even if her changes in makeup are rather subtle compared to, say, Rihanna.

The reality beauty gets real with beachy neutrals, including lips and brown shadow, but the next night, put her pout on red alert with bright cherry lipstick.

Which do you think makes The Hills and The City star look the prettiest? It's a difficult call, but check out her varying looks below and see what you think ...

What's Whitney Port's best look?


This is stupid and lame, Whitney is absolutely beautiful. There's lots of other celebrity you can rag on. This site is retarded and pretty weak, you guys need better material.


Whitney's a beautiful girl, but the lip colors are not the problem here. Picture 1's mistakes are heavy eye makeup and mis-applied blush /bronzer on the cheeks. Picture 2 has too much all-over bronzer. She needs a new makeup artist!

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