The Hills Premiere Date Announced

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The Hills is back. The least-real reality show out there (and that's saying something) begins its new season Tuesday, September 29, at 10 p.m. EST, on MTV.

This will be the first episode of The Hills without its former leading lady, Lauren Conrad, the series' regulars will continue bringing ample drama to Hollywood.

For instance, there's newly-married Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Conrad's BFF Lo Bosworth and Audrina Patridge, and former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari.

Here's the new face of the program ...

Despite not being connected to any of the other stars in the previous five seasons, Kristin Cavallari was brought in specifically to replace Lauren Conrad.

And to stir up drama.

"Basically...they want me to come in and start drama," she said of coming on board. "I'm good for it, it's fun. Drinking, fighting, hooking up - all that good stuff!"

At least one cast member welcomes the casting change.

"There wouldn't be a Hills if there wasn't a Kristin Cavallari, because the Laguna Beach brand wouldn't have had the power," Spencer Pratt said.

"We still love Lauren, we'd love to have you come back on the show. But hey, you were the calm, quiet girl trying to steal Kristin's boyfriend, the cool girl at school."

"So shout-out to the cool girl joining The Hills!"


Kristen is a complete and utter bore. I felt like I was watching Laguna Beach- When it Sucked!!!!! I guess she didnt get the memo that this is not a highschool show, and the viewers are more mature....It must hurt her that she will always be laurens sloppy seconds.


i think its the best thing to ever happen to the hills to bring kristen back, shes so upfront and honest and its the perfect drama the hills needed to keep people watching now that lauren is gone.


LMAO! you guys are all so dumb. laguna beach tanked after Kristin took over? Uhhhhh!?!!?!?! Laguna Beach was SOOOO popular in my school when Kristin took over. And Lauren was barely on that season to all those saying that she's the reason it got that far...she was on like the last 3 eps with Jason pretty much. Lauren is a drama queen b!tch who's always annoyed me and always plays up the nice girl thing. She's always supposed to be right and I'm so sick of it...I love that Kristin's taking over. she's way more honest and real than LC. She speaks what's on her mind and she will be waayyyyyyyy more interesting *** GO KRISTIN! And one more thing: LC always takes Kristin's sloppy seconds...first Stephen then the hills and then brody. So don't say any crap about Kristin stealing anythingg... LAUREN IS BORING! I might actually watch the Hills again...


I'm SOOOOOO happy Kristen is coming back!!! I wish LC was staying for some awesome drama!! Kristen rocks!!!! Spencer and Hiedi SUCK though!!!!!


Lauren was passive aggressive. She was ALWAYS trying to steal Stephen from Kristen. Lauren is a bore. The only reason she is leaving the Hills is because she can't take the heat. Cavallari heat!


I disagree with Spencer. I think that Laguna Beach wouldn't have been the same without Lauren.. and the Hills definitely won't be the same without her.. and she wasn't stealing Kristens boyfriend.. Stephen was a man whore.. and I HATE KRISTEN.. I can't believe I'm going to be watching ANOTHER season of a show where she steals Laurens place.. and I agree with the above comment, Kristen wasn't the cool kid, she was the slut..


Pratt obviously didnt watch Laguna, as Lauren wasnt trying to steal the 'slutty' girls boyfriend - Stephen was playing the pair of them!


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We're still friends... We're not as close as we used to be [because] we all have our own things going.

Audrina Patridge

Brody's girlfriend is pretty. With very large breasts.

Lauren Bosworth [on Cora Skinner]