Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman Go Public!

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We reported Friday that 22-year-old party girl Hailey Glassman is dating Jon Gosselin, father of eight half-white babies and the estranged wife of Kate Gosselin.

While we were fairly confident this report was true, given our sources, we had not yet seen photo evidence of the sexy new couple to establish it 100 percent.

This should clear up any doubts that Jon and Hailey are an item ...

Hailey Glassman Photo

Jon Gosselin steps out with Hailey Glassman. [Photo: Splash News]

The pair was spotted in Saint Tropez, France, where they spent time on a boat owned by Christian Audigier - creator of Jon's unofficial douchebag fashion line, Ed Hardy - before heading to the Saint Tropez Polo Club to drink some champagne.

Guess Jon is making up for lost time now that he's free of the ball and chain known as Kate. Good thing she never cries, according to her profile.

Hailey Glassman is the daughter of the Nyack, N.Y., plastic surgeon who did Kate's tummy tuck operation following the birth of the sextuplets. The irony.

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pffff, now people are feeling sorry for Kate? shes the reason hes gone, how else do you stick it to your "seperated" spouse? the divorce is already in progress, so Jon can feel free to do whatever the shit he wants. And by the way, NO, once the divorce is filed you cannot change the reasoning.... plus theres a thing called proof of adultry, its kinda necessary in a court.... WWWAAAYYY to go Jon, the kids were already in a fucked up situation since birth so be free while your still young??? Does it really matter now what happens? does everyone forget that divorce is the outcome of at least half of couples who get married. Brains anyone?


How could he have moved on that quickly?! He makes me sick! He is totally going through some wacky midlife crisis because he has been wearing a lot of ed hardy lately, he hooks up with women 10 years younger, he got his ears pierced, and he even said on the show that he was exited to start this new chapter in his life. What a loser.


No, Jon is not "single". Jon is legally married according to the laws of Pennsylvania, which are given full faith and credit by the other 49 states. Jon is a scummy douchebag.
Check out his girlfriend Ms. Glassman's drug bust: her parents, Dr. & Mrs. Glassman, must be SO Proud!


Ms. Glassman's drug bust: this is the kind of person Jon is associating with. What a great father figure...


Half white? PLEASE stop. Anyway Jon is single know for all technical purposes-he can date. I suggest Kate get out there too. She needs Jon to watch the kids every other weekend, so she can date. She should'nt be tied down like this, with 8 kids while he's footloose and fancy free.


Half white? That comment is horrible and un called for. The children are humans it doesn't matter what their " race" is. Jon is single now, except for the technicality of the divorce. He can do what he wishes. I suggest Kate get out there too and try to find a date. PS she needs to get John to watch his 8 kids every other weekend, so she can have a social life. Their his kids too you know.


Yeah, Jon is showing some serious lack of judgement and maturity here...but he should clean up his act only for the sake of his children. F*ck Kate. Fakeass psycho bitch. She deserves no consideration, no tv show, she deserves nothing.


You'd think that with a plastic surgeon as a father she would look a bit better than that....she is complete WHITE TRASH!


Jon is pathteic....he is probably going thro a mid-life crisis or something...I don't understand how any moral human being could do this to their family...he says he tired to save his marriage.....well, Jon....actions speak louder than words and this CLEARLY is a wonderful way to prove how much you love your family...and as for the girl....she seems like all she wants is fame....well what better way to get in the public eye than by banging the most hated man in America?...nice going Hailey Glassman...daddy must be real proud... are a beautiful strong woman and karma will work in your deserve a tall, handsom, well-spoken man.....not an immature little punk



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