Pia Bhatti: Mother of Omer Bhatti ... and Blanket?

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Contrary to reports, Omer Bhatti says he's not Michael Jackson's love child.

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    I'm a huge MJ fan but I do not believe any of these children belong to him. Blankets mother I believe is prudence solomon. The father? Who knows. I def. believe Debbie Rowe is Paris' mother. If u look at high school pics of her and Paris side by side they look just alike. As for omer Bhatti it is believe he was a secret love child of Janet Jackson and James Debarge. She took of to England for a while after debarges mother hinted to Janet that she looked pregnant. Upon returning months later she said she had miscarried. Supposedly the child was given to a Norwegian couple to take care of. Prince the first who knows! Even though blankets eyes look like MJs just google prudences pic. He actually has her eyes. Nonebof this really matters tho. He said they were his kids and those kids said MJ was their daddy so, let it be!


    Michael Jackson is the father of the 4 kids. If you look at little detail of each of them and compare it to Michael you can easily tell they're related. The nose, eyes, hair, chin, face, just anything really !!!!!!!


    i dont know but from what i see blanket is the only child that looks like Michael the older kids dont favor him. I dont even see the older children looking like Rowe either. So to me blanket is the only one that is the biological son of MJ.


    .......just like the song " Billlie Jean is not my lover".....I'm sure Michael has meant HER ..and I'm also sure that HE has done this ONLy for a child!!!!! R.I.P

    *Amanda I agree*

    @ P.Y.T

    Check out prudence solomons pics. He does look to have MJs eyes until u see hers


    I can not believe, with who Michael slept. I think she has forced him and paid for and then she became pregnant. I can not believe that Michael has had sex with her. She looks like a witch, really ugly. How old is she now? If O-bee really is MJ's son, he has only slept with her, because he has wanted so much a child, and not because he necessarily wanted sex with this BEAUTIFUL woman!!!!!!


    Don't kno bout u but i don't c 2many blacks w/ straight hair and both Omer n Blanket have it!!!!! They culd be his bio children,they'r not too dark.... they are prettty light so mayb Pia 60.... or not culd be they'r Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I belive this is true becuz ,what alisha said was wrong.
    cuz the family is all messsed up and they dont nobody knowin dey fam like dat like so u rong dumbdumb do ur research sweetay


    i believe omer Bhattie is his son,, he looks like him. Guys listen to billie jean get the dates and alll that you'll get it. Blanket mom is blackmj said it. so pia cant be blankets mom. really i think this is none of our buisiuness*sp but i love omer.he is like awesome. and omer is just like him. verry strong.wenn mj died u didnt see omer all in the news papers untill a fw days or months later. Omer is countinuing his father he loves. PARIS AND PRINCE MICHAEL


    This woman looks extremely old for michael. I believe she is much older than him. Michael would have never decided to have a fling with her.


    guys you know MJ eccentric behaviour,maybe he paid omer's mom up and did'nt wanted the press to be after him in his early years of his carrer,and wanted to make omer,s birth secretive,but now the pictures of blanket and omer bhatti is showing it all.

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