Omer Bhatti: I'm Not Michael Jackson's Love Child

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Michael Jackson's rumored love child, Omer Bhatti, has revealed how the star made him his "honorary" son after inviting him to move in with him years ago.

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    I think omar bhatti was a victim of Michael Jackson, and when he got too old either riz and pia had another son for Michael to molest, blanket or blanket is omar's biological son.


    And when people first found out about him back in 2009, everybody just said that he was his biological son.


    Yeah. If he says he's not his son hes not his son


    Omer Bhatti is Blanket's father. Just look at the picture of them together.

    @ brittany arlet

    now people making more crap up. lol

    If anything Omer is related to Michael in some way. Or it is just really ironic that the boy looks incredibly like a Jackson. But honestly it doesn't matter. The media just needs to leave the kids alone.


    Please, i don't think that omer is micheal jackson's son. Omer have said it himself that he is not micheal's son. Micheal was a very kind and generous man i have seen a lot of p that look very much like micheal jajajajakson. I once had an experience with a guy that looked so much like micheal jackson. Last year june a guy that i have never seen b4 came to me and asked me 4 direction to a place that i cant remember. This guy 5ooked so mubh like mj. The guy was dark ' tak' i mean he speople tpgat looks like him before .


    Well tell him to get a blood test to prove it. Micheal has too many secrets about his kids. I think they all deserve to know who their real parents are. Soon this will all come out. Just like everything else, this too will come out. Eventually.


    How ridiculous! Why wouldn't Michael Jackson have acknowledged his child? Think about it. It may have lessened some of the ugly rumors about him. Hey u must be "a man" if u fathered a child right.
    Leave Michael and Omer alone.


    Haha LOL ".I know Omer personally and he likes to keep his privacy..." love when people pretend to know some famous person ;) if you really knew him you wouldt proclaim it on a hollywood gossip page?


    Whatever happens, I love Michael Jackson and Omer ... forever.


    omer is not the son of michael the second secret italian son of michael

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