Lady Gaga Delivers Tongue and Cheek Performance

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For Lady Gaga's lucky band members, the view you see below is nothing new. Nor is it really a shock for fans to get a glimpse of it at this point, either.

Lady Gaga, who takes the stage in everything from bras that shoot sparks to giant buttons and gimp masks, stops at nothing when it comes to fashion.

Many more pics like this, though, and instead of a "Poker Face," fans are gonna want to show her their "o-face." Maybe. Some think she's a "butter face."

Here's Lady G at the Oxygen music Festival in Ireland ...

Bent Over

When you are Lady Gaga, no pants means no problem.

Just another riveting show in the life of one of the world's rising pop superstars. Love her or hate her, the girl is becoming a musical and style sensation.

Click to enlarge a bunch more Lady Gaga pictures ...

Bent Over
Lady Gaga Cleavage
Gimp Mask
The Power of Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Live Picture

[Photos: Splash News Online]


Perfect work!


* wow super nice love you for lady gaga der song ist der hammer nice *


It's "tongue-IN-cheek" you fucking troglodytes.


Got to love tha Lady Gaga. She has her own unique sense of fashion and it works. Her songs are on the verge of vulgar, but a little editing and they are ready for radio play. She is gonna give that "Skank Box" Briney a run for her money. And I'm laying all bets on Miss. Gaga.


its spelt oxEgen
she wasnt great.. she didnt care, she was completely uninterested in her fans
too high


was at that festival....oxEgen!!and lady gaga was terrible!! a disapointment!


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