Is Demi Lovato Cutting Herself?

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We hope this report is not true.


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    stop cutting yourself


    Demi, please stop cutting you self, you are my favorite singer and I saw pictures of you after cutting your self and one oicture below sai dthat you threw up after cutting your self. And besides i don't see how you can do that without hurting badly.


    @Someguy You're awesome.


    Are All My Comments Still Here.? I Wanna Show My Friends.


    why yall hurtin demi she awesome but yall are not so byee byee D.A.`s :)


    @Stephyy I Swear I Lost Brain Cells Reading That... It Should Be "Bro! I Really Don't Get Why She Cuts Her Self! #WTF She Famous Bro So I Don't Get Why She Would Do That?!Anyways Sorry If You Couldn't Understand This,Lol, This Is Just The Way I Type...Sexy Ain't It? Lol! Anyways Look Me Up On FB And 88th Follow Me On Twitter (Reghan Ewing) I Will Send You Pictures And Text Me 313-319-1222 😃" I Thank You For Your Apology.Also Nobody Wants To Text Your Dumb Ass Self. And Why Would You Put Your Number On The Internet For Pedophiles To See I Mean Seriously Are You That Much Of A Hoe,That Desperate,And That Stupid. I Feel Sorry For You I Really Do...


    @CaseyXdluvuh You Shouldn't Hate Her Because She Cuts. And The Old Demi Is Still There Just The Demi You Know Was A Fake.


    @Sierra It Sounds Safe But It Seems Like A Terrible Thing For The Person Who Has To Sit In The House. No Sharp Objects And A Little Food Sounds Like The Mental Hospital My Best Friend Went Too...


    @ "SEANNA" Im A Fucking Fannaffle I Don't Age There For I Can't Die. So Sucks To Be You Doesn't It.? Haha I Haven't Been On Here In Forever So Many More People Hate Me. X3 Also It Would be "Demi don't worry, you're a beautiful girl and don't worry about the suckers and fuckers like "chris and ~Rainbowz~" especially They are fucking assholes." And "@~Rainbowz~ shut up and I hope you die soon so that all of us can celebrate your death and dance on your grave . HaHa sucker." :)


    If she won't stop cutting herself someone should lock her up in a house with no sharp objects. Just her and a little food. oh before some does that they need to cut her nails. Just in case!

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