Is Demi Lovato Cutting Herself?

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We hope this report is not true.

New rumors are swirling around Demi Lovato, as tabloids have published photos that appear to depict the Disney star's troubling habit of cutting herself, a self-mutilation reaction that some use to deal with difficult emotional issues.

Speculation first started around eight months, as the first set of questionable pics were released, seemingly showing Lovato's scarred wrists.

Now, Star Magazine has unleashed the pictures below:


"Demi has been really stressed out about her new show, Sonny with a Chance," a source told Star. "She's not getting enough downtime because there is so much work involved, and she's always being pulled in different directions."

Can such pressure lead to destructive behavior? Yes, says Jennifer Austin Leigh, a doctor that has never treated Lovato, yet, apparently, has also never turned down an opportunity for fame.

"Cutting is how she can let go of the stress that has built up inside - when she cuts herself, it's a way to cope," said the San Francisco–based psychologist.

Write in and show your support for Lovato. Hang in there, Demi.


stop cutting yourself


Demi, please stop cutting you self, you are my favorite singer and I saw pictures of you after cutting your self and one oicture below sai dthat you threw up after cutting your self. And besides i don't see how you can do that without hurting badly.


@Someguy You're awesome.


Are All My Comments Still Here.? I Wanna Show My Friends.


why yall hurtin demi she awesome but yall are not so byee byee D.A.`s :)


@Stephyy I Swear I Lost Brain Cells Reading That... It Should Be "Bro! I Really Don't Get Why She Cuts Her Self! #WTF She Famous Bro So I Don't Get Why She Would Do That?!Anyways Sorry If You Couldn't Understand This,Lol, This Is Just The Way I Type...Sexy Ain't It? Lol! Anyways Look Me Up On FB And 88th Follow Me On Twitter (Reghan Ewing) I Will Send You Pictures And Text Me 313-319-1222 😃" I Thank You For Your Apology.Also Nobody Wants To Text Your Dumb Ass Self. And Why Would You Put Your Number On The Internet For Pedophiles To See I Mean Seriously Are You That Much Of A Hoe,That Desperate,And That Stupid. I Feel Sorry For You I Really Do...


@CaseyXdluvuh You Shouldn't Hate Her Because She Cuts. And The Old Demi Is Still There Just The Demi You Know Was A Fake.


@Sierra It Sounds Safe But It Seems Like A Terrible Thing For The Person Who Has To Sit In The House. No Sharp Objects And A Little Food Sounds Like The Mental Hospital My Best Friend Went Too...


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If she won't stop cutting herself someone should lock her up in a house with no sharp objects. Just her and a little food. oh before some does that they need to cut her nails. Just in case!

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