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Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, is suing Rebecca White, a woman who claims to be a close friend of Rowe’s, and who went on TV last night saying Rowe made some rather offensive comments relating to custody of Jackson’s children.

Rowe is the biological mother (she says) of Prince Michael Jackson, 12, and Paris Jackson, 11. But she has had almost no relationship with them in years.

The last will of Michael Jackson left his children and estate to his mother Katherine Jackson. But Rowe will attend next Monday’s hearing to determine custody.

Which brings us to her lawsuit. Rebecca White told Extra she has emails from Debbie Rowe in which she says she is pretending she wants custody to look good:

Debbie Rowe Chemo Photo

“Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely,” White claims Rowe wrote. Debbie claims the email is bogus and defamatory.

Debbie Rowe prefers to lay low, but feels she is being defamed by false reports about her and is filing suit against Rebecca White as a result. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

Rowe’s lawyer asserts that White serially asserts herself into high-profile celb scandals, claiming to have been a personal assistant to Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss (and making allegations against the models) earlier in this decade.

Finally, according to the suit, Rebecca White emerged after Heath Ledger’s death, alleging she saw the late Academy Award winner use cocaine and ecstasy.

Debbie Rowe wants unspecified damages and any money White may have received for her appearance on Extra or on any other celebrity news programs.

As for Rowe’s actual custody interest, reliable sources indicate that she wants her pre-determined financial arrangement with Jackson upheld and that’s about it.

Numerous publications have reported that she is seeking a huge payout in exchange for not contesting Katherine Jackson’s custody. Rowe has denied this.

We just hope all parties agree on what is best for the grieving, adorable children. Click to enlarge older photos of Debbie, Michael, Prince and Paris