Sarah and Todd Palin React to Letterman Bashing

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin recently paid a visit to the Big Apple, and as he has been known to do on The Late Show, David Letterman had some fun at her expense.

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    What's the difference between between Tiger & Dave?
    Tiger didn't play around while on the job.


    omg @ chris, control your rage and all these emotionally charged "how dare you how dare you"

    Just another moron overreacting...look, Letterman apologized and they're still trying to get him fired. What he did may have been wrong, but is sure wasn't flagrant and doesn't deserve the outrageous level of emotional responses I'm seeing here and from the Palin's and public.

    So friggin absurd... people make me sad when they seize every opportunity to stand on a pedestal and practice homiletics


    its a late night comedy show, yet its being treated as if it was the state of the union.

    this has gotten blown way out of proportion and now I resent the Palin's.

    Give David letterman some credit - he's been an impeccable late night host for years and years.


    to all the offended idiots out there...
    Please show me where in the joke he blatantly directed it at the 14 year old girl.
    Please show me. I'd really like to know.

    Just because Sarah and Willow happened to be in New York at the time of the joke is hardly condemning evidence.

    And as for Sarah and Bristol, trust me, they can take a few jokes. When you base your election campaign on conservative family values only to have your unmarried teenage daughter become pregnant, and then assuage your riled conservative voting base before the election that she will indeed marry the baby's father, she damn well better do so. As it turns out, the wedding was in fact called off well AFTER the election results were in. So that promise was good as nothing.

    Bristol and Sarah are fair game. Play on.


    Everyone - please - listen close:
    Palin herself dragged Willow into it, NOT Letterman.
    The fact that people accept at face value what Sarah says happened goes to show you how easily she can twist things around.
    Letterman is not the pervert here - the people talking about rape and fourteen year old girls getting pregnant are. And THAT started with Palin and her husband. Letterman made an obvious joke about an obviously famous pregnant daughter, Palin just cant take a joke.

    Willow was NOT at that game in NYC, people!!!


    An insult to A-Rod. . .


    The Palins are fools. All of you who take offense, especially Chris (whose syllogistic comments lead me to believe that he is related to the Palins), are sore losers--you don't appreciate the humor, because your candidates LOST THE ELECTION. Actually, got DESTROYED in the election.

    I'm glad Palin is back in the spotlight--I missed that dumb ol' broad and her dumb ol' family! USA! USA! USA!


    "Not to mention the fact that Bristol Palin, the couple's oldest daughter, actually was knocked up in early 2008, when she was 17. But that's neither here nor there."
    So waht about obamas mother who was 17 or 18 when she was knocked up by the black guy who left them high and dry?


    If you had children and someone made a tasteless joke about them you should defend them. As a parent I applaud the Palin's for calling out that old degenerate for his comments about thier daughter and hope spotlighting his other sick and sexist comments about young girls, anmely Jessica Biel and Lauren Conrad. He is a dirty old man. Period.


    Oh get over it...

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