MTV Movie Awards Fashion Face-Off: Zac Efron vs. Bruno

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It takes a lot to upstage Zac Efron.

Any time the actor is on stage, all eyes are typically on this High School Musical hottie.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

At last night's MTV Movie Awards, however, Efron accepted the award for Best Male Performance immediately following Bruno's bare-assed embrace of Eminem. As as result, the theater was still buzzing over the rapper's less-than-enthusiastic response to being dry humped by the latest Sacha Baron Cohen character.

Bruno actually made an appearance earlier in the evening, as well, posing for photographers on the red carpet.

Did he outshine Efron there, too? Compare the two hunks below and share your opinion in our poll...

Who looked better?


you can take look at Borat Myspaces blag to read about Bruno on MTV Awards! *High-five*


this was a very funny moment, Effrons limelight was stolen for a moment, but Bruno was the real star of the awards. I dont still know if it was staged or not, if so then eminem knows how to look pissed off. But all in all a fantastic shoclng piece of comedy, well done Bruno.

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