MTV Movie Awards Moment of the Night: Eminem Flips Out, Twilight Stars Tease Make Out

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Unlike other networks, MTV knows how to host a movie awards show.

At last night's annual event, celebrities from all industries walked the red carpet, the New Moon trailer premiered and Kiefer Sutherland cried hysterically into the arms of Ben Stiller.

A Premiere Couple

But two events stand out the most from the evening:

  1. A half-naked Sacha Baron Cohen (in his character of Bruno) fell into Eminem's lap. At the sight, and touch, of Bruno's bare buttocks, Eminem fumed: "Are you serious? Get the **** off me!," before storming out of his seat.
  2. After their win for best kiss, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stood at the podium and came... so... close... to... kissing.

Here's a look at each of the memorable occurrences:

Which MTV Movie Awards development was most shocking?


Wow! Эминему не повезло,но было оч �мешно. � про�то в шоке! :)


OMG!! they nearly kissed on stage !!


Lol!! What about Kristen Stewart's awkwardness throughout the whole thing? Grow up girl!


uh..hello..the Em thing was a total set up!

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