Luke Conley is Looking for More to Love

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Alex Michael had the accent; Andrew Firestone had the money; and Jason Mesnick had the abdominal muscles.

But as the latest star of a reality dating series, Luke Conley possesses something the aforementioned Bachelors lacked: a beer belly.

Conley, a former college football star and current real estate investor, will star in Fox's upcoming More to Love. The show follows the same rules and goals of The Bachelor, with one very noticeable twist: all involved could crush Mischa Barton with their pinky toes.

Indeed, Conley stands 6'3" and weighs over 300 pounds. All 20 of his suitors make the newly-rotund Kevin Federline look tiny.

According to a Fox press release, Conley is in the market for a woman who is "intelligent, passionate, down-to-earth, full-figured and comfortable in her own skin."

As past results indicate, he's sure to find that on reality TV.

Will you be tuning in for More to Love? Or do you think fat people don't deserve a chance to pretend to fall in love in front of countless television cameras?

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So yeah, I was totally SHOCKED that Luke chose a model, who isn't heavy AT ALL! Oh wait, no I WASN'T! I saw him sending home the all the heavies early on in the show, which of course made me upset. I'm a heavy and it was just ridiculous that they had anyone on there that was under two hundred pounds, unless you're like 5'4" or shorter. The show should be called "Only loved if thou art a model and slightly curvier than others." I know I know, such an eloquent and easy to say name. As a final note, Luke has nothing in common with Tali. She's great girl, but too different from him.


I've been very intrigued by the show for some reason. Half of the women look great to me, especially the last 5-6. I've been surprised about the insecurity and the lack of dates. I'm learning a lot. My top three are Malissa, Tali and the model (forgot her name).


So, so disappointed in whats left in the final 3 for Luke. He has more maturity than men twice his age. I have been very impressed with him. The women left are so insecure about themselves.... I don't think he wants or needs that. It would be a mistake for him to propose to any of these women. The only one that comes close to being right for him is Tali... and unfortunately I just don't think the ethnic background issue is going to work out. In addition, I don't think they look good together... something is missing.


Luke has impectable manners (appears to have been raised "right") and intergrty - if only there were more men out there as this guy appears to be. He is so respectful and very nice to each person. Wonder how he would feel about dating an older women? Is his father available?


Hi all, well I love the show.. I think Luke is a good guy. He seems more down to earth then those other jerks on date tv. Its about time they had a plus size show . People need to remember that plus size doesn't me Ugly or unwanted. Just different like apples and oranges... Men need to watch and learn how to treat a woman, any woman of any size. If he were a little older I would've tried out for the show. Karen in Ga


You can tell that he is obviously into it for the publicity. What someone won't do in this economy to gain a buck is ridiculous... plus.. those women on the show... he states he wants someone that is confidant but all this whining is pathetic for any woman of any size.


That man is a total FAKE !!!


That's funny, Luke has never dated a girl that was heavy... the last girlfriend he had (for the past four years, up until the show) weighs no more than 115 pounds...take it for what its worth...what people will do for fame!


I did not know that the show was created by the same person! That's lame, and sends more of a mixed message than anything. "Oh, it's okay for you to be above a size two...I'll just stick you in my chubby girl ghetto over here on FOX."