Kristin Cavallari: You F*%ked with the Wrong Girl!

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Lauren Conrad.

Making a grand, staged entrance at Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's wedding, Kristin Cavallari was introduced as Lauren's replacement on The Hills Sunday.

In mere minutes of screen time, LC's former Laguna Beach rival has already left her mark and positioned herself as the star of the show's upcoming season.

Kristin Cavallari is even billed as such in a new trailer for future Hills episodes, when we will see her befriend Stacie the Bartender (yes, Spencer's girl), flirt with Justin-Bobby of all people, and loudly declare to someone, “You f%&ked with the wrong girl!”

As the promo itself proclaims, "The Bitch is Back" ...

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Kristin is wack she has always tried to follow in the coat tales of Lauren so immature and skanky anyway Lauren you did make a good move MTV will see what Kristin can do yet again and destroy a show people do get tired of her very quick.


I love all the girls on The Hills. Although I will miss LC, I'm very excited to see Kristin. This show needs drama, it's been a bit stale for awhile.
I like Audrina/Justin drama, so I'm glad to see Kristin mixing it up and bringing it all out.


Has anyone notice in the preview of mtv where stefany pratt goes like "its ur bday kristin"? And then kristin snaps backs....well kristins bday is on january 14th and she made her appearance on the hills on heidi's weeding which was 2 weeks ago or so....anyone see that a little strange? The dates dont make sense


I think The Hills will be something worth watching with Kristin's return. We loved Lauren and she did the hills justice and think it's only right to have someone from Laguna Beach, the orignal series to take over as a main character so either Lo or Kristin. Because Kristin and Lauren are such opposites it will work.


The Hills goes Trailer Park. Whoopppeee.


I watch this cause its trashy! Who cares if its fake? Still interesting


Fact check * MTV originally approached Kristin about having her own spin off of Laguna Beach. That's the only reason Lauren got the gig. Kinda like real life. She got Stephen after Kristin, the show after Kristin and Brody after Kristin. LOL. Not hating on Lauren because I like her also * just letting all you haters know.


LMAO! you guys are all so dumb. laguna beach tanked after Kristin took over? Uhhhhh!?!!?!?! Laguna Beach was SOOOO popular in my school when Kristin took over. And Lauren was barely on that season to all those saying that she's the reason it got that far...she was on like the last 3 eps with Jason pretty much. Lauren is a drama queen b!tch who's always annoyed me and always plays up the nice girl thing. She's always supposed to be right and I'm so sick of it...I love that Kristin's taking over. she's way more honest and real than LC. She speaks what's on her mind and she will be waayyyyyyyy more interesting *** GO KRISTIN! And one more thing: LC always takes Kristin's sloppy seconds...first Stephen then the hills and then brody. So don't say any crap about Kristin stealing anythingg... LAUREN IS BORING! I might actually watch the Hills again...


wow I do not like her, I love audrina and LC and all those girls...
i like kristin's attitude but girl chill, ur doing it for attention


This show was classy? Since when? There was nothing classy about those girls, so it must have only been trashy.