Jon and Kate Plus 9: Deanna Hummel to Star?

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Following the divorce announcement of Jon and Kate Gosselin on Monday's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the New York Daily News reports that his reported girlfriend, Deanna Hummel, is expected to join the show when it returns August 3.

TLC announced Tuesday that it was pulling the plug on new episodes of the series for now. But the show will resume with Deanna Hummel on board.

"Deanna's role isn't expected to be big, but because she's part of Jon's life, she'll be filmed," says an insider reportedly close to the embattled star.

Hummel's affair with Jon Gosselin was exposed in early May, when his marriage to Kate and her terrible hair began to unravel very publicly.

Here's a photo of the new woman in Jon's life ...

Deanna Hummel Pic

The source added that the show will focus on how Jon and Kate are raising their brood separately. The duo plans to flip-flop the days they reside in their $1.1 million Pennsylvania home so the children will not have to shuttle between parents.

A spokeswoman for TLC confirmed the show's hiatus and said, in lieu of the new episodes, a retrospective of the couple's 10 years of marriage will air.

"During this time, the family will take some time off to regroup," said the rep. Of Deanna Hummel joining the show, the spokeswoman would say only:

"We have no specific plans for future episodes."

No word on whether future episodes will involve Jon telling his kids about Deanna's alleged sex tape or the eBay sale of the bed on which it took place.


I like Jon. How he ever put up with
the over-domineering, belittling,neurotic Kate is beyond me.
He is divorced. He is allowed to date.
I saw the episodes. He is a good father to his kids.
He's a lot more involved then my ole' man has ever been.


jon is so sutuped fro leaveing kate and dateing agin


well i thik jon and kate soid not breaking up so jon needs to talk to kate and make things wirght or dont let jon girl be on the show and not be with a girl after beraking up with kate


jon is a *****


Do ppl outside not know how to leave married ppl alone? I find it sick and disturbing that single ppl out there can't find anyone else besides someone already committed to someone to mess with. It makes it look like america doesn't have any morals anymore


these people are a bunch of money hungry idiots who are using the fact that they don't know about birth control to give them fortune and fame


Omg is this what has become of TLC Boycott the show. It's not our business
what happens to Jon and Kate . If Kate take's out her anger on the sweet little
kids ... I sure hope someone close by call's CPS


You can bet! Jon would never ever leave his wife and children if he did not have this SHOW. Yea, he can afford 8 children for CHILD SUPPORT! Kate I say your the winner in all of this and I hope you find somebody that is a REAL MAN


what dumbass man would do that and he has 8 kids.kate u are doin the right thing u do not need a man like that,let him go he is an ass.girl u can handle it


This is absolutely disgusting. Jon is having a textbook mid-life crisis, and what is even MORE pathetic is that he's overweight, ugly, completely the opposite of an eligible, attractive man, and yet he seems to believe that he's god's gift to women. Just look at the only woman he's been able to snag? A homely, scrawny little early twenty-something. No attractive woman would ever want anything to do with him, unless it's just for the money and fame. He needs to grow up, look in the mirror, and realize that, yes indeed, that's a beer belly growing on his torso, and he's nothing but a spoiled, chunky, unappealing man in crisis!

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