Howard Stern to Letterman: Jay Leno Sucks

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Jay Leno has left The Tonight Show for a new prime time series, but that was not about to stop Howard Stern from making his feelings about him known.

In summation, the shock jock ripped Leno during his appearance on last night's Late Show and vowed to help David Letterman take down Conan O'Brien.

"We gotta beat this Conan. For God sakes, how are you feeling that Jay left late-night television and now we got a new guy we gotta compete with?" the admittedly disgruntled, bitter old man Stern asked an amused Letterman.

"And I wanna say something to this audience about loyalty ... Dave put me on national television many, many years ago before I was known. And I have stuck with Dave ... I didn't like Jay. I never liked Jay. I can't stand Jay."

No arguments here - or from the studio audience that greeted the 55-year-old radio host's scathing, somewhat odd comments with big applause!

And Stern, who later talked about other important topics, such as his wedding to Beth Ostrosky, wasn't finished with Leno there by any means.

"Let me say something. I never seen anybody who behaves like a robot like this guy," he continued. "I watched his final show. He says goodbye to The Tonight Show. He says goodbye reading it off a teleprompter for cryin' out loud."

"Where's the emotion, and where's the humanity?"

Stern recounted his one and only appearance on The Tonight Show, when he "showed up with two lesbians," which naturally turned off Leno:

"He's shocked. He walks off his own show. I knew it wouldn't last."


Oh, almost forgot - Stern's definitely a steaming pile of feces, in his own right. It surely wouldn't be fair to leave him out of my commentary. The ONLY way this ass-clown could make me laugh would be to shoot himself on-air. "Uhhhhh... do you do anal?" What an epic douchebag. This guy should inherit the Massengill fortune. I can smell the vinegar through the television. And for anyone that actually likes this sub-human piece of feral pig shit, you should seriously save the world some grief, and consider self-euthanization as well.


Holy Has-Been-Talk-Show-Hosts, Batman! Where do I start? How about that Letterman is a cowardly bitter old man, is as dumb as a Seattle hippie, and sucks BIG BLUE BUFFALO BALLS? I'm fairly certain the bacteria in his toilet possess more intelligence and wit than he.


I have been searching the Internet recently to see what the little people think of myself, Jay Leno.
In short, I think you all suck and are so stupid, you've made me reign as King of Late Night for so many years now.
Forget the fact that my jokes are so horrible they have been classed as WMD's, that my high pitched and squeaky nasal toned voice can shatter glass from 2 continents away. That my chin seconds as the ass to my lips which are the hole. That my bobbing head decries my intense love and addiction to amphetamines or the fact I anally raid prostitutes nightly to the sum of $35,000 a week for services rendered.
I, Jay Lamo, suck dick.

Avatar Leno as Scrooge McDuck




Jay Leno is torture to watch... At 10 PM ET, I only flick through his show to watch Conan and then what I think is the best Late Night Show is Fallon.
What pissed me off last night was during his monologue, made a crack abut the Hatian earthquack, and the friggin audience laughed. It was so distasteful.


this guy "bill" is clearly a feeble minded child


Who gives a rat's ass. Letterman and Stern are both about as important as a package of tripe on a supermarket shelf, and just as hideous and revoltingly unfunny. Stern to Letterman: "Do you do anal?"
Letterman to Stern: "Well of course, Howard! I always have and I always will. ESPECIALLY for you!"
Stern to Letterman: "Well good. Let's get to it then. Did I ever tell you I think you're hot, Dave?"


Leno really does suck


howard stern is the king...david lettermen is the prince who wants to be the king...leno is just a dumb a** idiot who has no idea who he wants to be...........

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