Dr. Conrad Robert Murray Sought in Michael Jackson Case

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As details of Michael Jackson's untimely death continue to unravel, police are searching for Jackson's personal physician, who was living with the troubled star and reportedly gave him daily injections of very powerful morphine-like drugs.

Conrad Robert Murray, M.D., a cardiologist licensed to practice medicine in Texas, was living with Jackson at his rented Beverly Hills mansion.

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson

The Houston cardiologist was also with the pop superstar when he suffered cardiac arrest Thursday and performed CPR until an ambulance arrived.

It was also Murray's BMW with Texas license plates that was towed away from Jackson's rented mansion by police investigators after the singer died.

The doctor's car was towed from Jackson's residence on Thursday night and it is believed to contain "medications pertinent to the investigation."

Murray's account of what happened could be critical in establishing what happened to Jackson, who is rumored to have suffered a Demerol overdose.

An autopsy on Michael Jackson (1958-2009) is taking place today.

Jermaine Jackson said yesterday that his brother's personal physician tried to resuscitate him at his home, as did the paramedics. Doctors at the hospital then tried to revive Jackson for more than an hour, but were unsuccessful.

The exact cause of his death remains unknown at this moment, however, Jackson's myriad physical problems have been well documented, with some reports eerily suggesting in January that he had just six months to live.

While Conrad Robert Murray is not classified as a missing person, or sought in connection with a crime, police are looking for him so they can question him.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Murray has surfaced in L.A. and is preparing to speak with law enforcement officials regarding the death of Michael Jackson.


ist it true that Conrad murray has got a criminal record from 1994 for domestic Violence?


damn! Save me some buddy! I took a hole bottle of xanax and ive been on ambien and more crap! Im here!!!!!!!


why the doctor he isn't called the 911 before his dead ??
michael I love you and you rest in my hearth
now you are not alone, you are with got and protect you
I don't forget you and I listen yours songs everydays
so bye and reste in peace


As often as i see the news of Michael Jackson"s death i do not believe he took his life this was an accidental overdose All these Hollywood people take drugs he just had an unlucky break and may be this was his time we all leave this earth in different ways and at different times this was his time may he rest in peace


May our love be with you always "Michael Jackson" you and your pop & music are famous with us every moment and day.
World will not forget you. He once says "If you enter this world knowing you are loved one and you leave this world knowing the same, then every thing that happens in-between"
We are in gaze aloft.May his soul rest in peace in heaven.
My condolence to his brother and children.


i agree the caller didnt mention mickael name and that dr murray should of known not 2 do cpr on a bed and 2 do cpr on a hard floor and y didnt the dr try cpr 1st instead of injecting him 1st and it seems odd y did the dr run off and not go with mickael 2 the hosp and who did pick the dr up 4 the dr not 2 take his own car; michael i will miss u loads u will allways b in my heart thoughts and prayers 4 the rest of my life cos u r and allways will b amazeing 2 me r.i.p king of pop my thoughts and prayers go out 2 michaels children and family


Why the caller didn't even mention Michael Jackson's name to the 911 to act faster more than they did, and why they called the 911 after he collapsed? losing consience comes after symptoms!!
That's your destiny Michael, We were raised up with your music, and you will always be with us.
Rest in Piece, you are a King!


thank you www.prog4web.com


i hope the police,found the second person.we want to hear,what's going on with michael,befor he must die! Best regards from germany. my country is miss you michael,we all together over the world are sade.


I Found,it is not good,was the dr.murry do.When Michael collaps,why he don't call the firefighter before? Rest in Peace,Michael we love you forever! Best regards from Germany

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