Report: Michael Jackson Has Six Months to Live

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The National Enquirer has been right before.


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    Michael looks gorgeous at 50 in this photo - whoever wrote this disgusting article needs to examine their intelligence levels, do some research and look at themselves in the mirror.

    You media have slandered, lied and distorted the truth for years; we know you are controlled by the '13' - your life is not your own, let alone your journalism.

    Michael was gorgeous until the day he died despite the lies and filth the tabloids have spread about him and the very best, which you will never appreciate in this world - he was pure and beautiful from his heart and soul right the way through to the body shell. God bless you Michael; thank you for showing us the light; thank you for helping us to MAKE THAT CHANGE - we love you more ............. L.O.V.E to all my MJ family around the world, every colour, every creed and every race. God bless you and I love you all xxx


    Wow La toya is right, it is just to coencidental that all these sorce close to him are saying these things, 6 months prior to his death. Sounds to me like they were setting the stage for a murder.
    feeding him pills booking him for 50 concerts, taking out insurence policy, and telling the rag mags the story they want people to believe. could it be the fact he owned more the 50 percent of SONY ATV could it be the catalogs. Who was really paying the doctor Michael or someone else. all of this talk of him being sickly is BS This is it proved that. but everything else prodicted seems to have come to pass. The autopsy report said his lung condition was an inflamed lung but was not as serious as this artical is trying to make it. saying he had dreams of being murderd like he was losing his the plot thickens All will pay dearly if this pans out to be what happen sad and greedy LOSERS!!!


    There are no words to describe the type of man he was. He was a very good man in sipe of all his wrong doings. He was a wonderful dancer, singer and father I can tell. Just like any body else we make mistakes whether they are little or big we all have been there. There will NEVER be no one like him he atractted every one from around the woeld. Every color, race, age etc... Michael you will be truly missed and still loved no matter what they say about you!!!


    omg that's freaky .. he said he had what is called vitiligo ( vit-ill-eye-go ) * this disease can affect organs * and now i read this ?! has anyone told him that even tho he had to sleep it was dangerous to take sleeping pills ? omg , i love you so much MJ , i'll never forget you xox you've changed my life with your music , you made me sit down & think , you made me look at myself for one second & ask myself ; what can i do to make things better in the world ?! your songs are unique & will always be on my iPod , love you so much , i hope it's better on the other side ,
    - Shortiiie , a.k.a your P.Y.T ;) hehe


    "I told him that it's beautiful and beautiful"

    I lol'd peaceful HAHHAH!!


    What the...its accurrate forecast!Damn!


    this is realy feaky for sure. How cna you predict to the month? did anyone try to warn him he only had 6months to live?


    Six months later...


    this is kind of freakish


    i thought it was a joke ....hello my name is seann and i can moonwalk...sorry holy fuck bunch of those freaks after me..huge funeral doing all this weird stuff...sorry not real im crazy

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