Celebrity Feud of the Day: Joanna Krupa vs. Terrell Owens!

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Jeff Garcia. Donovan McNabb. Tony Romo. NFL star and universal pain in the ass Terrell Owens used and abused all three quarterbacks over the years.

Myriad T.O. tongue-lashings to these hapless teammates made for constant entertainment, and ultimately led to his dismissal from three NFL clubs.

Looks like he's finally met his match, however.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver has been receiving some verbal punishment of his own at last, courtesy of ... Polish Playboy model Joanna Krupa.

Joanna Krupa is Owens' partner on the ABC reality show The Superstars. The series, which debuted last night, pairs eight star athletes with celebrities, pitting the duos against each other in various physical challenges.

Krupa does not like to lose, and isn't afraid to tell off T.O.

After an underwhelming obstacle course performance, Joanna unleashed upon T.O. a profanity-laced tirade, telling him "You're the one that [screwed] up," among other things, leaving the football star speechless for the first time in history.

Check out the video of Joanna Krupa and Terrell Owens after the jump. Be forewarned, she does not hesitate to drop f-bombs like there's no tomorrow ...

Hilarious stuff. Who would have guessed, a 5'7" blonde showing more gumption in 45 seconds than burly NFL QBs have over Owens' 13 years in the league.

We can only hope she stays on his case. For more of the unrivaled awesomeness that is this foul-mouthed model, check out these Joanna Krupa pictures!

Joanna Krupa Topless Pic
Joanna Krupa, Playboy Model

I'd do some real naughty things to her.


I think she done herself a big disservice by acting the way she did. Terrell showed more class in his little finger than she did in her whole body. She's a sore loser and maybe she's mad that her modeling career is almost over and she's taking it out on T.O. After 30, models go down fast. She already wears so much makeup she almost looks like a clown and besides, she didn't look like she done very good in the event either.


I was never so shocked at someones behavior in my life, it was just sad. hello it a show for FUN but there was nothing funny about what she did. and they lost because of her she totally let the other team win on purpose, i think they should give T.O. a new partner and let him come back. I loved the fact he kept his cool and let her look like the dump bitch she is, T.O.is many things but stupid isn't one of them. he new she was making an ass of herself and he let her. good job T.O. just sad i won't get to see you for the rest of the show would have been better with you.


I am NOT a TO fan by any means but my feelings lighten a bit after watching last nights episode. She was totally out of line and a sore sport/loser. She is the reason they failed. I was more than surprised that TO maintained his cool as she made herself look more and more like an idiot.


Shame, Shame on you Ms. Krupa!! I'm so thankful my 8 year old daughter was not watching. Just shows how spoiled rotten you are. A capital "L" should be tatooed on your forehead! I was proud to see the way Mr. Owens handled the situation.


I am not a Terrell Owens fan but I was a little disgusted with the way that girl acted. It's clear she has no class whatsoever and no one ever took the time to teach her to be graceful about losing. T.O. has at least proved that he's a decent athlete. All she's ever had to do is smile and oil up her silicone swollen meat bags. There's nothing so extraordinary about her. She's a pretty girl but there are much more attractive models out there than her....she needs to get over herself.


Krupa..what a looser!! What she do for living? putting some make up and smile!! How dare she is to accuse TO? On the sudden death her foot got caught too in the net and they got eliminated!! She prolly thought she'll get a free ride on the show since she is with TO..too bad! TO made a comment on the show that he feel bad for her boyfriend..did she ever had one?? lol


wow!!!!! i heard they're coming BACK next week - that a team gets injured... is it true??? ALSO - found this clip online... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


If anyone was watching that show last nite everyone could see what a certified bitch Joanna Krupa was. T.o. showed that at least to a woman he is a gentleman and just didnt comment on her tirade. I believe if it was a guy he'd deck him if he said that to him. Obviously he got paired with a childish, fake boobed, Barbie from Hell with very poor sportsmanship. Plus the reason they lost is because they doomed from the beginning because of her attitude! She said before the obstacle course that she didn't think they were going to win! And she had an opportunity to pass Lisa and she didnt! I think she threw the game because she didnt want to be there anymore so she blamed him.

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